Media Workflow

Save time, money, and headaches with cloud storage that simply works with your workflows.

Why Pros Choose B2 Cloud Storage for Media

Surprisingly Simple

Built for ease of use - set up and operate effectively in minutes

Always Active:

Files are instantly accessible - no nearline, offline, or tape delays

Workflow Friendly

Seamlessly connects with NAS, SAN, MAM, and other tools

1¢ Downloads

Share content freely without fear of breaking the bank

Backblaze is trusted to hold the precious media of customers including:

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Works with your Workflow Already

Plugs into and complements go-to media software and hardware including:

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How B2 Cloud Storage is Better

Get Started In Seconds

Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage offers several options for moving data including: Native and S3 compatible APIs, Web UI, and CLI. There are also hundreds of third party integrations.
Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage is ΒΌ of the price of Amazon S3. With Backblaze B2, you pay only for what you use - no minimums, tiers, or fine print. Backblaze pricing applies to all regions, competitor pricing varies by region. We also offer the lowest download fees in the industry.
Provider Storage
$0.005 $0.01
Cloud Checkmark

No Cloud Storage "Gotchas"

  • Piggy Bank

    No complicated pricing tiers. Storage is $0.005 per GB/Month, Downloads are $0.01 per GB.

  • Infinite Files

    Pay only for what you store. No minimum storage duration fee. Keep files for a second or forever.

  • Dial

    No access delays, no hidden retrieval fees: All data is online and available.

Get Started - 10 GB Free
Moving Content In is Fast and Secure

Migrate or copy your digital library without interrupting production.

Internet Transfer: Move files over your existing internet bandwidth with multi-threading

Cloud-to-Cloud: Move files across cloud internet connections for speed without downtime

Fireball Rapid Ingest: Move files from on-premise in batches up to 70 TB via Backblaze's Fireball device

Fireball Nas

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