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From action to archive, Backblaze is the cloud of choice for media workflows & storage.

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Aaron Rhodes

"WunderVu had been looking for a cloud solution for security and simplicity, and B2 hit every checkbox"
- Aaron Rhodes, Executive Producer

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Active Archive

Your files are instantly available with B2 - no nearline, offline or tape delays.

1¢ Downloads

Your work deserves to be seen. 1¢/GB downloads ensures that your projects will be limitless.

Active Deletion

Don’t pay extra for files you delete. With Backblaze, you only pay for the files you store.

Integrated with Workflows

Industry leading tools have integrated with B2.
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Securely FedEx projects (up to 8TB) anywhere in the world, and return the drive for a refund.

Infinite Durability

B2 offers 99.999999999% durability (11 nines), the destruction of Earth is more likely than you losing a file with B2.

Rapid Ingest for Large Data Sets

Backblaze Fireball was designed for media storage & archiving. Whether on location or in studio, the tricky part of how to upload massive data sets is answered. CAPACITY: 70 TB

Meet B2 Fireball
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Why B2 Cloud Storage?

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Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage offers several options for moving data including: Native and S3 compatible APIs, Web UI, and CLI. There are also hundreds of third party integrations.

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Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage is ¼ of the price of Amazon S3. With B2, you pay only for what you use - no minimums, tiers, or fine print. Backblaze pricing applies to all regions, competitor pricing varies by region. We also offer the lowest download fees in the industry.
Provider Storage
$0.005 $0.01
Cloud Checkmark
No Cloud Storage "Gotchas"
  • Piggy Bank

    No complicated pricing tiers. Storage is $0.005 per GB/Month, Downloads are $0.01 per GB.

  • Infinite Files

    Pay only for what you store. No minimum storage duration fee. Keep files for a second or forever.

  • Dial

    No access delays, no hidden retrieval fees: All data is online and available.

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