Backblaze B2 Fireball

The blazingly fast rapid ingest service for migrating large data sets to B2 Cloud Storage.

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"We would not have been able to get this project off the ground without the B2 Fireball."
-James Cole, KLRU (Austin City Limits)
Backblaze Fireball is an import service for securely migrating large data sets from your on-premises environments into B2 Cloud Storage.
We will send you a Backblaze Fireball, a 70 TB hard drive array with 1 Gbps connectivity. Fill up the Fireball and return it back to us for secure upload inside a Backblaze data center.
data ingestion flow diagram

Why Use Fireball

High Speed Data Transfer
Even with high speed internet connections, it can take months to transfer data sets to the cloud. 100 terabytes of data transferred over a dedicated 100 Mbps connection will take 100 days. Fireball can get you up and running in 1/10th the time.
High speed connections into your office are expensive and require long term contracts. Fireball is an on demand service that puts your data directly into the industry's most affordable, high performance cloud - B2.
The Fireball device has a number of features including best in class encryption. Your data is secure throughout the process.
Fireball NAS on desktop
Price & Comparison
70 TB
At the time of order, a fully refundable $3,000 deposit will be charged. Upon return receipt of the Fireball, your deposit will be refunded less any damages & overage fees.
Device Capacity Service Fee Shipping Cloud Storage
($ /GB / Month)
($ /GB)
70 TB
(30 day rental)
50 TB
(10 day rental)
100 TB
(10 day rental)
*AWS does not estimate shipping fees at the time of Snowball order Pricing does not include applicable duties and/or taxes.

Real World Example

Use Appliance to upload 100 TBs to be stored for 12 months. Each month for the year: Add 5 TB; Delete 2 TB; Download 10 TB

Transfer Cost Cloud Storage Fees Total Transfer +
Cloud Storage Fees
(2 Fireballs)
(2 Snowballs)
(1 Transit)
"We found the B2 Fireball much simpler and easier to use than Amazon's Snowball. WunderVu had been looking for a cloud solution for security and simplicity, and B2 hit every check box."
- Aaron Rhodes, Executive Producer, WunderVu