B2 Compute Partners

Backblaze partners with Packet & ServerCentral to offer customers high performance Compute directly connected to B2 Cloud Storage.

With $0.00 Transfer Fees.
Packet cloud computing
On demand, high performance, low cost, dedicated servers.
ServerCentral cloud compute services
Custom configured, managed infrastructure for solving business & IT challenges.

What is the Backblaze Compute Program?

High Performance
  • Backblaze Compute Partners are directly connected with B2 Cloud Storage.

  • Scalable, high performance compute infrastructure.
cloud computing architecture
  • Single servers on demand for hourly rental.

  • Custom configurations for specific requirements and complex challenges.

  • Managed Services for challenges where you need expert assistance.
  • Dedicated Servers at 50-75% of the cost of Amazon EC2.

  • $0.00 Bandwidth between Compute Partners & B2 Cloud Storage.

  • Directly connected with B2 Cloud Storage - the lowest cost, high performance cloud storage on the planet.
Who are the Partners?
  • On demand, high performance bare metal servers available by the hour.
  • Customized deployments available in minutes.
  • Best For: Those looking for on-demand, high performance, low cost compute available by the hour.
  • Fully Managed, Custom Cloud Solutions that solve complex business and IT challenges.
  • Comprehensive Managed Network solutions to address global connectivity and content delivery.
  • Best For: Customers that have business and IT challenges that require more than hardware.