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Affordable Cloud Storage for Archiving Digital Assets

Infinitely Scalable
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Archiving: The Current Mediocrity

During post-production untold hours of digital footage are captured, edited and stored. When the time arrives to archive some or all of these digital assets, you're currently left with three choices: Use a slow error prone tape backup system, overpay for cloud storage, or store them locally and hope nothing happens. Tough choice. But, archiving your digital data doesn't have to be time consuming, risky, or expensive – there's a better way.

B2: The Better Way

Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage is the least
expensive cloud storage solution available.

Infinitely Scalable

B2 stores any amount of data and allows individual files up to 10TB each while providing ready access to stored files.

Simple Pricing

B2 pricing is simple and there are no tiers or regional rates to choose from – uploading data is free, storage is just $0.005/GB/month, and downloads are $0.05/GB. This makes B2 the perfect solution for archiving digital assets any time during post-production

Archive as You Go

During the post-production process, data can be easily stored off-site in Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage. Digital dailies can be forked upon receipt with one copy going to local storage and another going to Backblaze B2. This not only builds an off-site archive, it also provides ready-access to digital dailies if something were to happen to the local data storage system.

Archive Each Project

Contractual obligations or just good data protection practices require that once a project is done it should be archived off-site. Backblaze B2 can provide long-term cloud storage at a cost that dramatically lowers your archiving budget. For example, storing 5 TB in the Backblaze B2 cloud is only $300.00/year, compared to well over $1,200/year with Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure.

Integrations: Check out our growing list of integration partners to see if the application you use already works with B2.

Access: We also provide a Web GUI, a Command Line Interface and an API to access B2 Cloud Storage. Check out our online documentation to learn more.

Switching to B2

If you are already using a cloud storage provider, you can save up to 75% on your off-site storage costs just by making B2 your cloud storage destination.

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