Backblaze B2 Fireball

A Blazingly Fast Transfer and Transport
Service for Migrating Massive Data Sets.

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Backblaze Fireball is an import service for securely migrating large data sets from your on-premise environments into B2 Cloud Storage. We will send you a Backblaze Fireball, a hard drive array that can use 1 Gbps connectivity. This service is designed for customers that might have limited upload bandwidth and want to expedite their initial data transfer into B2.

How it Works

We send you the Backblaze Fireball, you load it up, you send it back, we upload to B2 inside of our secure data environment. Your data remains encrypted throughout the process.

Max size of data:
40 TB
Price for a fireball:
(+ $75 shipping) along with a $3,000 fully refundable deposit.

Note: We anticipate a build up of a waiting list as we ramp the service. We appreciate your patience as we work through that list and will contact you shortly with more information.