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Backblaze and 45 Drives work together to create the perfect data backup recipe for Panna Cooking

Joshua stared at the request from the Chef. She wanted to update a recipe video from a year ago to include in her next weekly video. The edits being requested were the easy part as the new footage was ready to go. The trouble was locating the old digital video files.

At the time, Panna Cooking had no centralized digital video archive, instead each editor kept the digital media and work product from each project on their workstation. When the storage on their workstation got full, they copied the oldest project to an external hard drive and deleted the old project from their system.

Over time, Panna had built up a digital video archive that resided on over 100 external hard drives scattered around the office. The digital files that Joshua needed were on one of those drives.
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Panna Cooking is the smart home cook’s go-to resource for learning to cook, video recipes, and shopping lists, all delivered by 40+ of the world’s best chefs. Video is the primary method Panna uses to communicate with their customers. Joshua Stenseth is a full-time editor and part-time IT consultant in charge of wrangling the video content Panna creates.
Panna Cooking, like many growing organizations, learned that the easy-to-do tasks, like using external hard drives for data archiving, don’t scale very well. This is especially true for media content such as video and photographs. It is easy to get overwhelmed.

Storinator Storage Server
Joshua was given the task of ensuring all the content created by Panna was economically stored, readily available, and secured off site. Enter 45 Drives and their Storinator system to provide economical onsite storage for Panna employees and contractors. After initial testing, Joshua began the process of migrating the existing data from Panna’s collection of 100+ hard drives to the Storinator. Joshua would plug in a hard drive into his iMac, verify the files were intact and then copy them to the Storinator. Once that was completed, the Storinator came online as the storage server for all of Panna’s data – videos, photos, and more.
The old way was not a great system, I was very grateful to have found 45 Drives, I love being able to update a video from a year ago and not having to think about going through a pile of hard drives.

With this set-up, Panna now had one place to store all of their data. Users could easily locate and access the files they needed, eliminating the need for Joshua and the rest of his fellow editors to go searching around the office for the right external hard drive.

The next step was to make sure that Panna’s data was backed up off-site. 45 Drives’ innovative Hybrid Cloud Storage package and their partnership with Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage was the perfect solution. The Hybrid Cloud Storage package installs on the Storinator system and utilizes Rclone or Duplicity to backup or sync files to the B2 cloud. For Joshua, the best part of this package was how 45 Drives helped walk him through the set-up to get his Storinator system backing up to the B2 cloud in no time.

The cool thing about 45 Drives is they helped me through the whole process of setting up the cloud backups to the Backblaze B2 cloud and while B2 backup runs continually in the background it doesn’t slow down our other day to day business needs.
Joshua used Duplicity to perform a full system backup to B2, then he switched to Rclone to sync changes going forward. This gave Panna a fully operational local storage system that sends changes automatically to the B2 cloud. Now when files are deleted from an editors' workstation, they have already been stored locally and also synced to B2. When the files age out and are deleted from the local storage server, B2 still keeps the latest version of each file.

For Joshua and his fellow editors, the Storinator/Backblaze B2 solution gave them nearly instant access to any digital content created by Panna regardless of when it was created and where it is stored. Panna Cooking now had the best of both worlds, high performance local storage and readily accessible, affordable off-site cloud storage.

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Best known for the Storinator Storage Server and exceptional customer support, 45 Drives provides highperformance, high-capacity storage servers and data destruction solutions for all industries. 45 Drives offers freedom from proprietary software and hardware by building servers on an open storage platform, using open source operating systems. Staying true to their design, 45 Drives only uses high-grade steel and commercially available components, ensuring their servers are highly reliable and serviceable, at the lowest cost per hard drive slot in the industry.
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