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Rather than losing customers, Layer 2 switched to B2 Cloud Storage

David stared at his monthly invoice from Amazon. He was using S3 to provide cloud-based data backup services for his clients, but the math just wasn’t working out. He was losing money on his backup service and it was only going to get worse as his customers were backing up more and more data. He was facing a tough decision; raise prices or stop offering the cloud backup service. In either case, he would certainly lose customers. He needed another option.

Layer 2 offers their “Worry-Free PC” service for $22.00 a month. Customer’s love the service as their PC is completely managed – updates, monitoring, anti-virus protection, unlimited data backup and more are included in the package. To provide the backup component of the Worry-Free PC service, David utilized Amazon S3 storage. He chose S3 over Glacier as he needed, as part of the Worry-Free PC service, to be able to quickly restore files for his customers.
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David Trifiro is the Managing Member and Technology Specialist at Layer 2 Computing, LLC. He started the company right out of high school, leveraging his experience as the “Family IT guy” into a career. Today, Layer 2 provides managed services to residential and small business customers in and around Springboro, Ohio, just south of Dayton.
Faced with losing money every month to store data in S3, David considered building his own storage, but he didn’t have the time or the startup money to make this work. Then David heard about B2. He couldn’t believe how inexpensive it was, only $0.005/GB/month for storage, and the stored files could be restored in near real time, like S3. He decided to give it a try.
Restoring from B2 was fast, as fast as our internet connection could go.
- David Triro

Layer 2 uses the CloudBerry Managed Backup Service to create and manage the backup plans for their customers. In minutes, David changed the cloud storage destination for a handful of customers to point to Backblaze B2. He monitored the backups to make sure everything worked as expected and he ensured that both the upload and download performance of B2 was similar to S3. The B2/CloudBerry solution worked great.

B2 passed the final test a few weeks later when the invoice arrived. Layer 2 was charged $25 to store 5 terabytes of data in B2. To store the same 5 terabytes of data in S3, Layer 2 would have had to pay $140. The answer was clear, Layer 2 could keep cloud backup as part of their Worry-Free PC service by using B2.

So far, David has migrated about 20% of his customers to Backblaze B2 and heading towards 100% by the end of January in 2017. His balance sheet is in the black and with each customer he converts from S3 to Backblaze B2 things get a little better.

Now, he can sell the Worry-Free PC service with the confidence of knowing that he’ll be able to provide cloud backup as part of the service for years to come.

About Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage

Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage is a cloud storage solution that provides data storage at one-fourth the cost of leading cloud storage providers: $0.005 GB/month for storage, free uploads, and $0.02 ($/GB) for downloads. Things to know about B2: