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View and share any files from Backblaze Backup or B2 Cloud Storage on Android devices.

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Backblaze Android FAQ

What is Backblaze on Android?

Backblaze on Android is an app you install on your Android device that allows you to access Backblaze's cloud storage platform. Both Backblaze Backup and B2 Cloud Storage are supported.

What files can I access?

Any file (up to 5 GB) that is backed up to your Backblaze account from your Mac or PC. And for any file stored in B2 Cloud Storage (There is no file size limit for B2 files).

What version of Android do I need?

You will need an Android Pie (9.0) device or later to run Backblaze on Android.

Does the app back up the Android device?

No, it is an access app only. You can see and download your backed up files, but we do not currently upload any data from the mobile device. However, if your Android device is synced to your computer, Backblaze can backup all of the synced data from your computer

Can I download and view video files?

Yes, but the current size limit for individual files is 5GB.

Can I access multiple Backblaze accounts on my mobile device?

Yes, simply sign in to the Backblaze app using the desired Backblaze credentials.

Does the Android app work on tablets?

Yes, the Android app will work on most 7″ and 10″-screen tablets.

Is my password stored on the mobile device?

You decide. In the Backblaze settings, you can choose whether your login information will be stored or not. If you wish to save it, your Backblaze account email and password are stored encrypted on the device in the Backblaze application preferences. If not, the Backblaze password is not stored and must be entered each time you sign in to Backblaze using Backblaze. In either case, we recommend always having access to your device protected with a password.

How secure are my downloaded files on my Android device?

Like most apps, if you download a file using Backblaze, the file will be stored in your “Downloads” folder and can be accessed by other apps. You can delete downloaded content, and we advise you to do so if you do not wish them to be accessible by other apps or people.

If I have set an additional Passphrase on my Backblaze account, can I use Backblaze?

Yes, you’ll be asked to put in your passphrase once you select a computer that has passphrase protection enabled.

Is the communication between the app and the Backblaze servers secure?

Yes, all communication between the mobile device and Backblaze is done over HTTPS.

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