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In a world of complexity and lock-in, Backblaze is easy yet high-performance, 1/5 the cost with no gotchas, S3-compatible but open to every use case, including:

System Backup and Recovery

Protect systems data for business continuity and DR with accessible backup and second copies for VM, servers, NAS.

Safeguard Systems

Active Media Archive and Workflows

Create, collaborate, and manage content across all stages of production using your existing media management tools.

Optimize Production

Application Storage and IaaS

Build applications and run services with S3 compatible APIs, SDKs, and CLI, with connected compute and CDN.

Scale Development

Unlimited Computer Backup

Safeguard business or home workstations with automatic, unlimited, and secure backups to the Backblaze Storage Cloud.

Protect Your Files
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Trusted by 500,000+ Customers


S3 Compatible Object Storage Without S3 Limits

Always-hot storage for building applications, creating and serving content, and safeguarding your data at 1/5 the cost of legacy providers. Whatever solution or use case, B2 Cloud Storage is open for business.

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From a cost of goods sold perspective, AWS pricing wasn’t a great fit. From an engineering perspective, we didn’t want a net-new platform. So the fact that we got both with Backblaze—a drop-in API replacement with a much better cost structure—it was just a no-brainer.”

Rory Petty

Co-Founder & CTO, Tribute

Open to Any Integration or Partner You Require


Unlimited, Automatic, Easy Data Protection

Protect your business, your memories, or both with the world’s easiest backup for Macs and PCs—customizable for one or one thousand computers, with all of your files and data secure in the trusted Backblaze Storage Cloud.

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Backblaze is economical, reliable, and easy to set up. After years of testing, we think Backblaze is the easiest to use and the best cloud backup service for most people.”

Thorin Klosowski


Enterprise Grade Platform, Accessible for Everyone

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Securing Every Byte

There’s no lock-in, but Backblaze’s security is lock-tight.

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Built for Performance

The Backblaze Storage Cloud is built to deliver all the performance at ⅕ cost.

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Backing Up Your Backup

Backups protect your data; account security protects your backups.

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Always-On Support

From solution engineers to support techs, actual humans are here to help.

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Providing Actual Privacy

The Cloud is the only thing on sale, not customer data. PII safety is a top priority.

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Scaling Compliance

Backblaze is compliant for most use cases, and steadily adding certifications.

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