Why Backblaze is the best PC backup software

As engineers we often get asked by friends and family to help 'fix the computer'. We've tried to get them backed up many times, yet we kept hearing the excuses: 'It took too long' or 'it asked too many questions'. There had to be a better way to do online backup for PCs.

Backup could be so much easier and so we set out to make it with care.

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Designed from day 1 for optimized cloud backup

Lightweight Performance

We hate using software that slows down our PC, so we wanted to be sensitive to the performance hit on the computer. We did a bunch of amazing magic to optimize the software including; reading data once, slowly scanning the drive,. The result is that Backblaze uses less than 1% of your PCs CPU and memory on average. Backblaze doesn't install any drivers and opens any files it backs up as read only so your computer is kept stable.

Native 'C' Code

We didn't take a short-cut and create a Java app that can run on many platforms. Instead we wanted to create a product that felt integrated and responsive with your PC. So we built Backblaze using 'C' code, also known as the best programming language in the world.

Simple and Easy

Every online backup program says they are easy to use. It's almost become a cliche. But at Backblaze we really wanted that to be true from start to finish. An example is the install experience. Backblaze doesn't have to ask the user to pick a bunch of filetypes and go looking for folders they want to backup. Most users don't know where all their files are kept on their PC. Also, we didn't want users to have to remember to go back and edit their backup list every time they create a new folder. Sure some extra stuff is going to get backed up, but the ease of use and peace of mind is worth it. We wanted a user to download and install Backblaze and be backing up data in less than a minute. And that’s what we built. The best PC backup software in the world.
System Requirements
• Microsoft Windows
XP (32-bit)
Vista (32 & 64-bit)
Windows 7 (32 & 64-bit)
Windows 8
• Broadband Connection
• 1 GB Ram
• 5 GB of available hard drive