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    International Customers

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    When you request a restore, the price includes the drive (which you get to keep), labor, and shipping & handling. This does not include import fees. All USB restores are prepared and shipped from the U.S. even if your data is stored in a non-U.S. data center. The drives are shipped FedEx Priority within three to 10 days of your request depending on the size of your restore.


    Backblaze is supported worldwide, but there are a few exceptions (due to U.S. trade law):

    • Iran
    • Libya
    • Rwanda
    • Sudan
    • Republic of South Sudan
    • Syrian Arab Republic
    • Afghanistan
    • Angola
    • Democratic People's Republic of Korea

    Upload Speeds

    You may experience slower upload speeds than customers who are located closer to Backblaze North American data centers. Due to network issues along the path from an ISP to Backblaze servers, customers on some networks cannot max out their connection speed. Backblaze encapsulates data in 10 MB chunks and uses HTTPS connections with a single connection at a time. This means that latency can play a significant role in overall backup speed. If you are a long distance away from the data centers, the number of hops between you and the data center can cause a slowdown. 

    However, you may find that our new multi-thread feature can help alleviate this issue. First, update your Backup Client here, and use the following articles to use this feature:

    European customers may also wish to use the EU data center, which may allow for faster downloads as opposed to our data centers in the US West region.

    Select your region at the time of account creation. For more information about the EU data center, click here.

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