Data Centers and Data Regions
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    Data Centers and Data Regions

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    This article provides information about where your files are stored in Backblaze Computer Backup.

    Data Centers and Data Regions

    Backblaze currently has data centers in Sacramento, California; Stockton, California; Phoenix, Arizona; Reston, Virginia; and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

    When you create a Backblaze Computer Backup account, you choose whether that account’s data is stored in the US East region, the US West region, or the EU Central region. The choice that you make during account creation dictates where all of that account’s data is stored. After you create your Backblaze account, you cannot change your selected region.

    After you create your account and sign in, you can view your region by clicking the user menu in the upper-right corner of the page and selecting My Settings.

    Accounts that use the US-West region store data in both the Sacramento and Phoenix data centers.

    Accounts that use the EU-Central region store data in the Amsterdam data center. If you are in the European Union or in or near Europe, then the transfer rate for Backblaze Computer Backup and Backblaze B2 should have less latency. As a result, you can get better transfer rates and more bandwidth per thread.

    Accounts that use the US-East region store data in the Reston, Virginia data center. This is the newest Backblaze data center. The data center is operated by Coresight, a well-known and respected data center operator. This data center is the core of the Backblaze eastern region joining the western region (US West) and the central European region (EU Central).

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The following list provides answers to commonly asked questions about Backblaze data regions.

    Does it cost more to store my data in specific regions?

    Whether you choose US East, US West, or EU Central, your data storage costs do not change.

    Will my data ever leave the region that I select during account creation?

    All of your data is stored in the region that you select when you create your Backblaze account unless you specifically direct your data to move to a new region.

    Can I move my current Backblaze account to a different region?

    You can create a new account in the new region and upload your data to the new account. After the upload is complete and you are certain that all of the data was copied to the new region, you can either keep or delete the Backblaze account that is in the original region.

    There is a cost to have your data in two places while this process occurs.

    Do you expect to open more data centers in the eastern region?

    It is reasonable to expect that Backblaze will open additional data centers in the eastern region. It is also possible that Backblaze will expand the storage capabilities within the current facility.

    Can my Backblaze account exist in more than one region?

    You can assign only one region to a Backblaze account. If you want to store data in more than one region, or you want to use the Backblaze B2 Cloud Replication feature to replicate your data from one Backblaze region to another region, you must have separate Backblaze accounts for each region.

    Are multiple regions possible?

    It is possible to have multiple regions under a Group, but it is not possible to have multiple regions under one account. You can create an account in a new region, and re-upload the data to this new account. 

    You can manage multiple accounts in different regions by placing those account inside of a unified Group. To create a Group, click here.

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