Contact the Support Team
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    Contact the Support Team

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    You can chat with the Backblaze Support team, or you can submit a request.

    Chat with the Team

    Backblaze chat support is available during the following hours, in Pacific Time.

    • Monday: 9:00am - 12:00pm, 1:30pm - 5:00pm
    • Tuesday - Friday: 9:00am - 12:00pm, 1:00pm - 5:00pm
    1. Navigate to, and click Chat with Team.
      If the chat window does not appear, then all of the support agents are currently helping other customers. If you use ad-blocking software on your browser, you may need to disable it for the chat tab to appear.
    2. If needed, request that an email be sent to you with a transcript of the conversation.
    3. Provide the following information to help the agent provide you with efficient support:
      • Enter the email address that is associated with your Backblaze account.
      • Inform the agent of any active Backblaze support tickets.
      • Describe your issue along with all important details.

    At this time, Backblaze does not offer phone support.

    Request Technical Support

    Before you submit a support request, gather any logs that contain information about this issue. Compress the logs into a ZIP file so that you can attach the file to your support ticket.

    1. Navigate to, and click Submit Request.
    2. Fill out the form providing as much information about the issue as you can.
    3. Use the Attachments field to attach a ZIP file that contains your logs. 

    Create a Zendesk Account

    Responses and follow-ups to requests that you submit to Backblaze Support are sent to the email address that you enter. You can create a Zendesk account to monitor the status of a request that you submit.

    Zendesk is a service that is independent of your account. You can create a new Zendesk account to monitor requests. Your Backblaze credentials are not accepted.
    1. Navigate to, and click Check Request.
    2. Click New to Backblaze Help? Sign up.
    3. Enter your full name and email address, and click Sign up.
      An email titled "Welcome to Backblaze Help" is sent to the email address that you entered.
    4. Open your email application, and click the verification link.
    5. On the Choose your secret password page, enter a password for your account.
    6. Click Set Password.
      You are logged in to the dashboard.
    7. View the status of your support request under My requests.

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