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By | October 8th, 2015

We’ve had a lot of interest and many questions since announcing B2 last week and we want to thank you for engaging with us on our blog, Reddit and HackerNews! I’ve tried to collect some of the most commonly asked questions thus far and answer them here for those still curious. Don’t like reading? Watch this video:

Q. When will the Backblaze B2 Beta start accepting waitlist members?
A. We’ve had a ton of sign-ups for the Backblaze B2 cloud storage waitlist. We’re currently putting the finishing touches on our internal alpha, and we’re hoping to start rolling out the first batch in mid-October.

Q. How quickly will my invite be sent once the waitlist starts to open up?
A. We’ll be starting with a few invites and then increasing over the next two months. We’ll be inviting based on when you signed up combined with the type of beta tester that would be most useful at the time, but we intend for everyone on the waitlist to try B2 before it goes live for the masses.

Q. Speaking of going live to the masses, when will B2 go live for the masses?
A. We are targeting the end of 2015.

Q. Will Backblaze B2 be compatible with ?
A. Probably! Backblaze B2 will act as the back-end infrastructure for a lot of things that need cloud object storage. We have a CLI, GUI, and a full set of RESTful APIs that will allow your favorite apps to tie in to the B2 back end. Suggest apps you believe should use B2 in the comments and we’ll try to work with them to make it happen.

Q. How much would it cost to store “X” amount of data?
A. We have tried to keep B2’s cloud storage pricing as simple as possible. Let’s use 200GB as an example. All users get 10GB of free space. Uploading to Backblaze B2 is free, and storing 190GB (200GB – the 10GB you get for free) on Backblaze B2 (at $0.005/GB) would cost $0.95 per month – less than a dollar. Now let’s assume you wish to download all 200GB of the data one day. You get 1GB of free downloads per day, so you need to pay $0.05/GB for the remaining 199GB of data for a total of $9.95. If that’s all you’re doing, one simple upload and download, those are all the costs you’ll incur.

Q. Could you explain the different transactions that you charge for?
A. There are two transaction categories: “Download” and “Other”. “Download” includes any API calls that would download a file or get the files info. “Other” includes, well, most any other API calls. You get 2,500 of each transaction category free per day. After that it’s $0.004 per 10,000 “download” transactions and $0.004 per 1,000 “other” transactions. Uploading files, deleting files, deleting buckets, and hiding files are all free.

Q. This all sounds great, but what about durability?
A. Backblaze stores each file redundantly across multiple drives, in multiple servers, in multiple locations in our datacenter. For details on this, read our Backblaze Vault post. As a result, the Backblaze Cloud Storage system is designed for 99.999999% durability.

Q. How many datacenters do you have?
A. For now we have one datacenter, though we are actively looking to expand to more locations.

Q. Can I use B2 like Dropbox or Box?
A. Not quite. B2 is what you would use to create a service like Dropbox or Box. It’s the back-end for those systems. But if you’re a programmer, have at it!

Q. Can I use B2 for backup?
A. Yes, but take a look at our cloud backup services first (for individuals and businesses.) Those services provide completely automatic backup with unlimited data for just $5/month/computer for Mac and PC laptops and desktops. If you want to store backup data for Linux, servers, NAS drives, etc., B2 may be a good option for you – using either the CLI, web interface, or the APIs.

Thanks for all the questions so far, we’ll try to keep answering them as best we can as more come in!



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  • +1 for Synology integration!

  • Tanaxia

    Please add Synology support!
    I’m currently using Glacier, coming from Crashplan but where Glacier is more simple in the integration of the Synology OS, it’s more complicated to understand their pricing, more complicated to use, less versatile and more expensive. Will gladly abandon Glacier for Backblaze B2 (or even the regular Backblaze with integrated client into Synology OS) ..!

  • Sam Sawyer, SJ

    Please work with Panic to add B2 to their Transmit client.

  • poundsmack

    Really would like to see a software manager for this to make selecting files for upload, and schedules, and all that jazz be really easy from an end user perspective.

  • Chris Watson

    Synology Support PLEASE!!!

  • superstrona

    Will Backblaze B2 API be Amazon S3 compatibile?

    • The short answer is “no”, but our APIs are quite similar, it wouldn’t take much to change your code for uploads/downloads.

  • liljenstolpe

    Two suggestions to integrate – FreeNAS and Duplicity.

    I’d also pay to store in two different data centers.

  • CCWTech

    Develop native app with Synology!

  • bjm1234

    Scares me slightly that all of your eggs are in one basket. In the worst case scenario, if a plane crashed into the DC you use. You would lose every single customers data.

  • IDI-OT

    I am obviously missing what all the hype is about. How is this the cheapest cloud storage if Amazon cloud drive is unlimited space for $59.99 per year? Someone please fill me in.

    • It’s slightly different. Amazon Cloud Drive is more like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. Backblaze B2 would be similar to where those places would store the data. So instead of uploading files piecemeal, developers would be able to tie in to it and build apps on top of it.

      • IDI-OT

        That makes sense. Thanks Yev.

  • Support for Pydio would be amazing!

  • Max Lein

    Please work with Synology to add B2 support to their apps (e. g. Cloud Sync and Backup & Replication). That way I could backup my Synology NAS to Backblaze.

  • ujay68

    Regarding apps and devices: I’d love to see a software like ExpanDrive and a cloud-enabled home NAS like the Synology DS215j have support for Backblaze B2.

  • Billy

    So happy to hear you’re looking at an alternate datacenter! I’m hoping to have a paid option to store my backup in two geographically separate locations.

  • Justin Winokur

    Is there any kind of rsync access? I guess that would require some type of shell (maybe jailshell)? And/Or, is there a way to use this to host SVN or git?

    (I am guessing the answer is no to both of these but it is worth a shot)

    • No support for rsync yet, but it’s something we’re exploring!

      • hpapagaj

        Or duplicity.

        I also would like to see something like Dropshare for easy sharing screenshots/files.

  • Me

    is it me, or is your math a bit off?

    190 * $0.005 = $0.95 ( a buck rather than a dime)

    • No Me, it’s not You. We fixed it :) Our editing process has failed.