200 Petabytes of Customer Data and Counting

By | December 9th, 2015

200 Petabytes
Backblaze now stores over 200 Petabytes of customer data on our Storage Pods. Actually, we crossed that line a few weeks ago but we were busy with our B2 Beta thing and so here we are, a little late – 200 Petabytes of customer data. Yes, 200 Petabytes is a big number – a 2 followed by 17 zeros with 5 commas thrown in. If you’re into Common Core math then you’ll place a 2 in the hundred quadrillions place.

You might ask what’s the big deal? Surely Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and others must have more data. Certainly they do, but how much? Search for “how much data does google store” on Google and you’ll get a lot of guesses, articles, which say something like “Google has a lot of data, but they won’t say how much,” or “Back in 2006 Google had this much, so maybe now they have this much.” One article in What-If calculated the amount of Google data to be about 15 Exabytes. This was done in the context of trying to determine what would happen if the data in Google’s datacenters was in fact stored on punch cards – Spoiler Alert, Boston gets crushed.

The folks at the Tech Expectations blog have bravely tried to answer the “How much data does ‘x’ store?” question, but even they couldn’t locate a decent number for Amazon S3, Microsoft OneDrive, or Google Drive.

With that said what we do know is that Backblaze has a little over 200 Petabytes customer data. The data currently resides on 54,675 hard drives as follows:


The data is stored on 1,215 Storage Pods (servers) arranged either as stand-alone servers or as part of a Backblaze Vault, with each Storage Pod averaging 169.88 Terabytes of data.

What’s Next?

What’s next is more customer data. For an idea of what we expect let’s look at how our data storage has grown over the last few years:
Projecting forward we should have 250 Petabytes of customer data in early Q3 2016 and 300 Petabytes by late 2016. But wait, as Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage comes online, that will certainly add a Petabyte or two or a hundred to our 2016 numbers. It is going to be a fun year. In the mean time we’ll keep hiring data center techs, network administrators and so on. Let us know if you’re interested, we’ll need the help.

Andy Klein

Andy Klein

Director of Product Marketing at Backblaze
Andy has 20+ years experience in technology marketing. He has shared his expertise in computer security and data backup at the Federal Trade Commission, Rootstech, RSA and over 100 other events. His current passion is to get everyone to back up their data before it's too late.
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  • Lynn McGuire

    So how much space do you have now in late 2017 ?

    • Roderick Bauer

      We have over 350 Petabytes of data stored. A lot!

  • Who_Me?

    Do you folks perchance, happen to have Mrs. Clinton’s server, seems she may have lost the first one

  • mzs_47

    Curious what file system, OS do you use on these..

    • Pesos

      Linux, of course.

  • Derek Manning

    This is an article/claim i don’t understand.. 206PB is the raw amount of capacity offered by the drives, and hopefully not the amount of customer data being stored. 206PB of customer data on 206PB of raw capacity suggests that a single bit error would cause customer data loss.

    I’m guessing that there is some sort of data redundancy being offered across the 54,675 drives?

    What is the real capacity number?

    • Derek, correct, we have redundancy built in, you can read more about it ->

      • Derek Manning

        Thanks so 3 parity for 17 data or about 85% data/15% protection across the entire set. Reed Solomon rebuilds..

        Actual customer data being about 175PB then?

        • At the time yea! Though it’s gone up in just the last week :D

  • Günther Wieser

    Reg. Europe datacenter – that would be great! This is getting a problem now due to several EU laws. Sign me in!

  • Frank Delporte

    fully agree with weltysparrow and billy! great service, great price, fantastic communication and EU datacenter would make it complete

  • Paul Erskine

    This is a great milestone, but really, I love the humor in the article. Well done!

  • weltysparrow

    Impressive. Have you guys yet considered a data centre outside of the USA? Our company (Europe based) is getting more and more nervous about storing data on US based servers.

    • One Bell

      What’s worrying you? NSA? Chinese hackers?

      • Lyle

        Unfortunately, if you work in the medical industry in Australia, you are legally required to keep all records, digital or hard copy, on local soil for security reasons. This alone would completely rule out Blackblaze for that industry.

        • One Bell

          To be fair, using consumer file storage services for medical records sounds like a bad idea in general.

    • fromfinland

      I hope that Backblaze will go someday outside of the USA.

      Many people says there: “Storing data outside Europe or outside our country is big security risk.” If Backblaze come to Europe it would be nice and Europeans could rely on Backblaze much more. Russians would like it too.

      And if Backblaze have servers in Europe, Backblaze can sell example 10USD/month and files are in USA and Europe, 5USD/month in USA, or 5USD/month in Europe.

      Some advertisement from Finland if Backblaze would bring a server here:
      There Backblaze will get:
      example for our biggest ISP you can get good connection world-wide, one static price per month and unlimited data transfers.
      Some inexpensive space to servers, example old intrusty building…

      I can tell more about Finnish ISP’s, or something else if Backblaze are thinking to go there.

      Sorry my bad English.

  • Great deal with you; super-satisfied customer!!!

  • Billy

    I love the transparency you guys have. I happily pay you my $5 per month and recommend you to everyone I know.

  • Brian

    Congratulations, guys. That’s a lot of data!