SSD 101: How Reliable are SSDs?

By | February 21st, 2019
How Reliable are SSDs?

We love SSDs because they are generally faster, smaller, and more rugged than HDDs. Plus they are gaining capacity and becoming more affordable every day. However, how do they compare to HDDs in reliability and how long can they be expected to last?

Welcome Mikael: Data Center Tech

By | February 20th, 2019

As we cross 750 petabytes and march towards 800, we need more people in the data center helping us keep our over 100,000 hard drives spinning! To help us with that, Mikael came aboard! Let’s learn a bit more about Mikael, shall we?

Welcome Brad: Junior Support Technician

By | February 20th, 2019

As Backblaze continues to grow, we need great people to take care of our customers’ questions and make sure they have a good experience with our service. The latest person to join our support team is Brad. Let’s learn a bit more about Brad, shall we?