Storage Pod 6.0: Building a 60 Drive 480TB Storage Server

Storage Pod 6.0

Storage Pod 6.0 deploys 60 off-the-shelf hard drives in a 4U chassis to lower the cost of our latest data storage server to just $0.036/GB. That’s 22 percent less than our Storage Pod 5.0 storage server that used 45 drives to store data for $0.044/GB. The Storage Pod 6.0 hardware design is, as always, open….

Can I use an SSD with Time Machine?

Using an SSD for Time Machine

Time Machine is Apple’s built-in backup software for OS X. All it requires is an external hard drive (or a compatible network attached storage system like an Apple Time Capsule) to work. Solid state drives (SSDs) are more affordable than ever, but is it safe to use an SSD with Time Machine? Let’s find out…..

Goodbye to our $25.00 On/Off Switch

Backblaze Power Supply Button

Looking at the image above you can almost hear Hal saying “I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that”. By coincidence, we heard “I’m afraid I can’t do that” any time we suggested to our Storage Pod designers that we replace the on-off switch in our Storage Pods. You know the one: the Frozen….

Planned Maintenance (Thursday 2-4PM PDT)


As part of our Backblaze B2 maintenance window (Thursday 2-3pm Pacific) we are doing maintenance on some core Backblaze systems and may experience longer downtime affecting Backblaze B2, Backblaze Personal, and Backblaze Business Backup systems. The planned maintenance will be from 2-4PM Pacific. During this time no new Backblaze or Backblaze B2 accounts can be….

Should I use an external drive for backup?

Using and External Hard Drive

If you’re already using Backblaze or another cloud backup solution, you’re well on your way to bulletproof data storage security. So why clutter up your desktop with an external hard disk drive and its bulky cable if you don’t have to? Well, there are still a few reasons to consider. Read on for details. Primary….

Backblaze B2 – Big File Beta

B2 Cloud Storage Beta II

With the 20,000+ people that have signed up for B2, we have received a lot of feedback, and have been working diligently to incorporate it. If you like big files…really big files, you’ll really like this release – the B2 Big File Beta – but there’s a lot more to like. Let’s take a look…..

Senior HR Generalist Natalie Joins The Team


Backblaze continues to grow, and as companies grow and start hiring more and more folks (we’re still hiring by the way: we need HR rockstars to help with that process. We’re delighted to have Natalie join the team! She’ll be helping with everything from benefit stuff to recruiting. Hurray! Lets learn a bit more….