Happy 4th of July!


Happy July 4th to everyone in the USA. Backblaze is celebrating the 4th of July with a blaze of our own! Have a safe and wonderful Independence Day!

Director of Marketing Jim Joins Backblaze


The hiring continues at Backblaze (anyone know a good Senior Automation Engineer?), and the newest addition to the team is Jim! Jim’s joining the marketing team as the Director of Marketing! It’s been a while since our team has grown and we couldn’t be more excited! Lets learn a bit more about Jim, shall we?….

Kelly Joins Us As a Sr. Front-End Developer!


We’re pleased to announce Kelly joining the Backblaze team. We’re thrilled to have a dedicated front-end developer around to make the site more whiz-bang awesome! Bilingual in Vietnamese and English, Kelly has previously worked at Skunkworks (Vietnam) and Skype in Palo Alto. Let’s learn a bit more about Kelly shall we? What is your Backblaze….

Why Backblaze Bought a Porn Site


What’s in a Domain Name? When Brian Wilson (our CTO) co-founded Backblaze, he already had a website called www.codeblaze.com (it was designed in the early 2000s by Casey Jones, who co-founded and designs all things Backblaze). That site had a variety of uses, but the main reason for it was that Brian needed a website….

Computer Backup: Pick a Card, Any Card

Computer Backup

Earlier this month we blogged about the results from our 2015 Annual Backup Awareness Survey. There were charts and tables and numbers, and as everyone read it their eyes glazed over and they drifted into a sound sleep. For the last 8 years we’ve collected, parsed and presented this data each June. The upshot is….

Wanted: Senior Automation Engineer


Backblaze continues to grow and we need a Senior Automation Engineer to help us do it! Please note, even though “automation” is in the position title, this position does not involve self-driving cars. Sorry. Senior Automation Engineer Responsibilities Lead effort to automate provisioning & updating of systems with Ansible, custom script and other tools Maintain….

Backblaze Open Sources Reed-Solomon Erasure Coding Source Code

Reed  Solomon Erasure Coding

At Backblaze we have built an extremely cost-effective storage system that enables us to offer a great price on our online backup service. Along the path to building our storage system, we have used time-tested technologies off the shelf, but we have also built in-house technologies ourselves when things weren’t available, or when the price….