Hey, Mac and iOS users: Make sure to back up before you upgrade!

Backing Up before Sierra

Editor’s note: This article was originally published over the summer as a guideline for those dabbling with Apple’s public betas. It’s been updated to reflect the upcoming release of the new Mac and iOS versions. New versions of Apple’s operating systems are coming to your iPhone and Mac later this month! iOS 10 will be….

Backing Up for Small Business


Labor Day weekend and the end of summer is here. It’s an opportunity to raise our glasses to working people including us. If you’re a small business owner or you’re responsible for data backup at a small business, make sure to take some time to back up your essential data before donning the flip-flops and….

Can You Predict When Backblaze Will Hit 20 Billion Files Restored?

HP_20 billion

Calling all psychics, mystics, soothsayers, and fortune tellers (or just those who are really good at analyzing trends), can you predict when Backblaze will restore its 20 billionth file? Last March, we announced that 10 billion files had been restored. We’re quickly approaching the next big milestone: 20 billion! It took us seven years to….

Intern Brian Evolves Into Full-Time Brian


After a stint with us last summer as an intern, Brian has joined us now as a full time engineer. Brian is the first intern we’ve hired for a full time position and we’re glad he’s decided to jump on board and join in on the fun. He’ll be working with a lot of the….

Backblaze Release 4.2.0

Backblaze Release 4.0.5

Introducing release 4.2 for Backblaze Personal Backup and Backblaze Business Backup clients. This is a relatively minor release, but there are a few visual changes to the client, so we wanted to give it a new release number. What’s New: Inherit Backup State – we change the terminology for this feature in our previous release,….

Backing Up for Non-Profits

Backing Up for Nonprofits

A lot of us dedicate our time and effort to causes we believe in. If you’re responsible for the data used by your non-profit, here are some guidelines to think about. Develop a backup plan of your own by answering these questions. Backing up copies of crucial organizational information like financial and bank statements, donation….

What’s the Diff: Megabits and Megabytes

What's the Diff: Megabits and Megabytes

What is the difference between a megabit and a megabyte? The answer is obvious to computer people – it’s “a factor of eight,” since there are eight bits in a single byte. But there’s a lot more to the answer, too, involving how data moves, is stored, and the history of computing. What are Megabits?….