B2 Cloud Storage Frequent Questions


We’ve had a lot of interest and many questions since announcing B2 last week and we want to thank you for engaging with us on our blog, Reddit and HackerNews! I’ve tried to collect some of the most commonly asked questions thus far and answer them here for those still curious. Don’t like reading? Watch….

Data Storage Technologies of the Future

Backblaze Dat Storage Technologies of the Future

If someone from the future–two decades or two centuries from now–traveled back in time to today, they’d probably chuckle at our use of hard drives and USB sticks, the way we now wonder how we ever survived with floppy disks and Zip drives. Want a peek at the kinds of storage devices we’ll be using….

Adding Google Drive To Your Backup Plan

Backup Plan

Backing up your Google documents seems rather redundant doesn’t it? Google does that stuff for you, right? However, forgetting to backup your Google items is something you could deeply regret. There are a few common reasons for this error and some easy ways to prevent it. Risk of Accidental Deletion or Removal Although Google keeps….

The B2 Cloud Storage Launch, What’s Next?

B2 Cloud Storage Launch

On Tuesday, the 22nd, Backblaze announced Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage to the world. The response has been amazing. The B2 announcement was covered by many leading tech sites including TechCrunch, Fortune, The Next Web and many more. We reached the #1 spot on HackerNews and we were also #1 on the SysAdmin Subreddit. We also….

Backblaze B2: The World’s Lowest Cost Cloud Storage


Ever since we open-sourced the original Backblaze Storage Pod and shared our storage costs, people have been saying, “I love your backup service, but I need a place to just store data. Can you give me direct access to your cloud storage?” After a year of hard work and tremendous excitement from our team, I’m….

8 Highlights in Storage Pod Evolution


In September 2009, we introduced the Backblaze Storage Pod to the storage community. We then open sourced the Storage Pod’s hardware design, and included a parts list, assembly instructions, and a cool 3D Storage Pod model. This enabled anyone with the desire and ability to create their own storage system. Over the past 6 years….

Know Before You Go: Reshoring Manufacturing Services Back to the U.S.


Reshoring is a hot topic these days. How hot? Consider the following: According to some estimates, U.S.-based companies anticipate reshoring 20 percent of their manufacturing capacity within the next five to seven years. (Source: Reshoring Institute) In a recent study conducted by Boston Consulting Group, it was found that 54% of all U.S. companies with….