The Future of Cloud Storage

The Future of Cloud Backup

With over 250 Petabytes of data under management, Backblaze has grown to be one of the largest Clouds around. But with over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data being created daily, it seems we’ll need to keep on growing to keep up. With all that data in mind, the infographic below is full of facts, figures,….

How to backup your Windows Server with B2 and CloudBerry

B2 and Cloudberry

Windows servers can present all sorts of management complexities. However, backing up to the cloud doesn’t have to be one of them. Thanks to CloudBerry’s integration with Backblaze B2, you can backup your Windows server to the cloud safely, securely and for up to 75 percent less than Amazon S3 and similar services. Here’s how…..

Looking for: Systems Administrator

hiring-lady-desk (1)

Are you a Sys Admin who is looking for a challenging and fast-paced working environment? Want to a join our rapidly expanding team and help Backblaze grow to new heights? Are you looking to work in either San Mateo, California or in our Rancho Cordova data center? If you said yes to all these, then….

QA Mastermind Needed!


Backblaze’s expansion continues and we’re in need of a QA mastermind to help us make sure our GUIs are prim and proper! If you’re wanting to join a fast-paced team and help us bring cloud storage to the world, read below and join up! Here’s what you’ll be responsible for: Identify, record, document reproducible steps….

Welcome JC – Our New Office Admin!


As the Backblaze office grows we need someone to herd all of our cats (well, in our case dogs). That responsibility used to fall to a bunch of people who were all really really busy with their own workload. Now, that person is JC! And she’s doing an awesome job – we even have a….

Backblaze and Retina Support for Macs

Backblaze Retina System Preferences

“Retina display” support has been available on the Mac since 2012, but believe it or not, it was only this year that we really started to see a critical mass of our customers who expressed interest in seeing our app optimized for the new displays. Well, we responded: We’ve added Retina display graphics to the….

Welcome Intern Aaron!


The newest intern to join the Marketing ranks is Aaron! He’s a high school student who’s just dipping his toes in the fantastical world of startups. He’ll be helping us work on our spreadsheets and making sure that all of our campaigns are properly cataloged and accounted for. Lets learn a bit more about Aaron….

How to Connect your Synology NAS to B2


Synology’s DiskStation is one of the leading Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions available for homes and small businesses. B2 is one of the most affordable ways to store your data in the cloud. Now Synology and B2 have teamed up to provide you with unbeatable cloud sync for your DiskStation. With Synology and B2, you’ll….