Hard Drive Reliability Stats for Q2 2015

Hard Drive Reliability Stats for Q2 2015

Each quarter, Backblaze updates our hard drive statistics with the latest data. As of the end of Q2 2015, there were 47,561 drives spinning in our datacenter. Subtracting out boot drives, drive models with less than 45 drives and drives in testing systems, we are publishing data on 46,038 hard drives spread across 21 different….

Helping Hands: Steve Joins the Datacenter


We’ve never had an intern in the datacenter before, and that changed last week when Larry’s son Steve joined the datacenter ranks! We needed an extra set of hands to move and tear down a lot of our old chassis, and Steve was a willing victim volunteer! Lets learn a bit more about our the….

How to Make the Most of Working Remotely

Working Remotely

I’m sitting in a hotel room in a small remote town in the south of Germany, where I’m spending the week working. I did not come here because of a customer, partner, or work event. Instead my wife and I coordinated a week of vacation in Berlin with a work trip for her in this….

We Need a Datacenter Facilities Manager!


The Backblaze Datacenter Team is responsible for Backblaze’s cloud infrastructure. This is the team that defines our datacenter requirements and finds and/or builds facilities that meet our needs. This team is also responsible for daily operations and capacity planning including managing vendors, equipment, power and security. We focus on smart growth with an emphasis on….

You Can Never Have Too Many Brians


Because we like to order large batches of name-tags, we have to continue hiring Brians. Our latest intern continues the Brian trend! He’s joining us for a few weeks and working on some back-end and mobile projects, awesome! Lets get to know Brian number 5 a bit better shall we? What is your Backblaze Title?….

What You Would Do With a Storage Pod

Backblaze Music Machine

A few weeks ago, we held a contest offering a free Storage Pod chassis as a prize to people who came up with creative ways to use/reuse a Backblaze Storage Pod chassis. The response was outstanding! We reviewed all the submissions and selected 20 we thought the most deserving – it was hard work. Here….

Happy 4th of July!


Happy July 4th to everyone in the USA. Backblaze is celebrating the 4th of July with a blaze of our own! Have a safe and wonderful Independence Day!

Director of Marketing Jim Joins Backblaze


The hiring continues at Backblaze (anyone know a good Senior Automation Engineer?), and the newest addition to the team is Jim! Jim’s joining the marketing team as the Director of Marketing! It’s been a while since our team has grown and we couldn’t be more excited! Lets learn a bit more about Jim, shall we?….