Have You Been a Data Crisis Counselor?

Dirty Jobs

Dan Tynan’s article “The 7 dirtiest jobs in IT” hit a nerve with many an IT worker, and Tynan followed it up with “Even dirtier IT jobs.”

Number six on the list of the dirtiest jobs? Data crisis counselor.

This is a person on the other end of the phone from “sobbing adults who’ve lost images or videos of their recently deceased parents” and dentists, and IT managers, and tons of others who lost data and were frantic, upset, and panicked. Kelly Chessen, who has this job for DriveSavers, a firm that tries to recover data from dead hard drives, says her five years on a suicide prevention line is what prepared her best for this position.

Have you been an unwitting data crisis counselor for a friend or family member?
Make sure they back up so you don’t have to be…


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