Backblaze fully supports OS X Lion (10.7)

By | July 20th, 2011

Backblaze for OS X Lion (10.7)
While Apple just recently announced their newest operating system, OS X Lion (10.7), Backblaze has been working with developers and beta testers for a while to ensure our online backup service is fully compatible.

When you rush out to upgrade to Lion, know that your Backblaze online backup service will work seamlessly. The new OS has 250 new features, but I wanted to call out a few:

  • Versions” and “Auto-Save” – Apple’s new operating system helps protect you from the “oh, no, I didn’t save in the last 10 minutes and lost something!” It does this by continuously auto-saving. Backblaze efficiently stores its own versions and thus excludes these duplicates to optimize your system resources and bandwidth usage.
  • FileVault 2″ – Yay! We’re excited to say that Apple has massively overhauled their encrypted file system and we work seamlessly with this new version. FileVault 2 encrypts the entire file system. As long as you are logged-in, Backblaze will continue to seamlessly backup all data. If you log-out and encryption is turned on, Backblaze will be encrypted as well and pause backing up new data.
  • AirDrop” – This new feature enables local sharing over WiFi with a nearby computer. Backblaze will automatically backup data you share with others or visa-versa.
  • Launchpad” – As a native Mac application in System Preferences, we will automatically appear in the new Launchpad.
  • Download the latest version (v.1.5.5) by clicking the Start Backing Up button on and enjoy the service on Lion! (All users will be automatically updated within a few weeks.)

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