Mavericks? We’re Ready!

By | October 22nd, 2013

Backblaze loves our Mac users and we’re guessing some of you have been waiting with bated breath for OS X Mavericks to be available for download. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make sure Backblaze is ready for OS X Mavericks. Apple released the developer-version of OS X Mavericks back in June, and we already….

Backblaze Mobile for iOS 7

By | October 21st, 2013

Our iOS app just got a fresh coat of paint and a performance increase! What’s new: iOS 7 themed visual redesign Looks better on iPhone 5, 5S, and 5C Rewrote the app for faster performance Added options for file sharing, including sending via text messages Haven’t used the app before? The Backblaze Mobile app for….

Recent Malware Forcing Victims to Pay For Data Retrieval

By | October 18th, 2013

Lately, Backblaze has been seeing a few reports stating that a very specific type of ransomware, known as CryptoLocker, that takes control of a victim’s computer and holds it hostage until that victim pays to get it removed. It is known as ransomware because if Cryptolocker is not paid within a specific timeframe, it will….

Backblaze Halloween Contest

By | October 15th, 2013

Want to win an iPad Mini or a Nexus 7? We’re having a scary video contest! Want the rules? Read below, and don’t forget to check out the example video at the bottom! Oh, and hurry! The contest ends October 29th! How to Enter the Contest? 1. Prepare a short, 30 seconds or less, video….

MobileMe’s Complimentary iCloud Storage Is Shutting Down

By | September 30th, 2013

Apple announced the closure of MobileMe on July 1st, 2012, hoping that its users would flock to the newly announced iCloud service. As part of the push to enhance iCloud usage, MobileMe users were given a complimentary 20GB iCloud storage plan if they moved over to the new service. Those plans are now expiring, and….

5 Years and 4 Billion Restored Files Later…

By | September 18th, 2013
5 years old

Backblaze was formed in 2007 and we went to work creating Backblaze online backup. We kicked off the private beta in June 2008 and in September we released Backblaze 1.0, five short years ago. Through it all Backblaze has been laser-focused on providing unlimited backup at $5/month. It wasn’t always easy, but we’ve managed to….

What Would You Like To Read On The Backblaze Blog?

By | June 14th, 2013

The Backblaze Blog has been around for quite a while and we’d like to know what you think of it, and what you’d change about it, if anything. Thank you for your feedback, and we hope we can keep bringing you quality, entertaining, and informative content! Update Thanks for all the feedback! We’ll be posting….

Backblaze Release 2.2

By | June 5th, 2013

Backblaze has a new version out today, and as we’re fond of saying, it’s the best build ever! Here’s the info: Release Date: 6/5/13 Version: 2.2 Auto-Update: No Windows - ZIP file downloader now retries to download ZIP file regardless of how many times the network connection fails/restarts during the download. - “Question Mark” button in the….