Terry Joins Backblaze as Account Executive

By | August 5th, 2016


Backblaze continues to grow and our latest offering Backblaze B2 is off to a running start. We needed an Account Executive to help bring integrators, partners, and businesses in to the B2 fold. That’s where Terry came in! Lets learn a bit more about her shall we?

What is your Backblaze Title?

Account Executive.

Where are you originally from?

The Emerald City (that being Wichita, Kansas no less).

What attracted you to Backblaze?

The excitement of helping to grow Backblaze. 

What’s your dream job?

2 days a week telecommuting with annual salary of $1 million.

Favorite place you’ve traveled?

I enjoy traveling and have been to some awesome places. Italy is special though for rounding out my favorite things….beautiful sights, architecture, friendly people, great food & wine!

Of what achievement are you most proud?

My daughter who is a kind and good human being.

Coke or Pepsi?

Neither – wine is healthier!

Favorite food?

Too many to mention.

Telecommuting and a salary of $1M doesn’t sound too bad to us either, and we hear you on the wine Terry. Normally we keep the fridges stocked with soda and beer, but we’ll see if we can’t squirrel away some wine for you as well. Welcome aboard!



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