Announcing Backblaze B2 Object Lock for MSP360: Enhanced Ransomware Protection

The potential threat of ransomware is something every modern business lives with. It’s a frightening prospect, but it’s a manageable risk with technology that’s readily available on many major platforms. Today, we’re adding one more tool to that list: we’re excited to announce that our long-time partners at MSP360 have now made Backblaze B2 Object Lock functionality available to customers that use B2 Cloud Storage as cloud tier for their backup data.

Editor’s Note: Product Update

Object Lock users, great news! As of September 2022, you can enable Object Lock on existing Buckets making it far easier to set immutability on all of your data already stored in B2 Cloud Storage—easing your path to enhanced cybersecurity and compliance strategies.

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How Backblaze B2 Object Lock Works with MSP360 Data

Backups are the last line of defense against cyberattacks and accidental data loss. From ransomware attacks to hacking unattended devices, there are plenty of attack vectors available to cybercriminals, not to mention the very real risk of human error. But, when activated by an IT admin in MSP360 Managed Backup 6.0, Backblaze B2 Object Lock provides an additional layer of security to a business’ backups by blocking deletion or modification by anyone (including admins) during a user-defined retention period. Object Lock puts the data in an immutable state—it’s accessible and usable, but it can’t be changed or trashed. For anyone worried about attacks on their last line of defense, this is a huge relief. It’s also increasingly a requirement, as it’s becoming more common to request immutability as proof of compliance for many industries with strict standards.

“Our customers have clients operating in a range of IT environments. With whatever we do, we want to keep that in mind and ensure we provide our customers with options. Offering Backblaze B2 Object Lock to our customers provides them another tool in the fight against ransomware, arguably still cybersecurity’s biggest challenge.”—Brian Helwig, CEO, MSP360

How to Use Object Lock with MSP360 Today

If you’re already using Backblaze B2 as a cloud storage tier for MSP360 and you’re running the latest version, you can choose to enable Object Lock at any point on your new or existing buckets. If you’re interested in checking out the joint solution now that Object Lock is enabled, you can learn more here.

“MSP360 has been a long-time partner of Backblaze and continues to impress us with their commitment to delivering a well-rounded platform to customers. We’re very happy to extend Backblaze B2 Object Lock to MSP360’s customers to meet their security, disaster recovery, and cloud storage needs.”—Nilay Patel, Vice President, Sales & Partnerships, Backblaze

Want to Learn More About Object Lock?

Protecting data is one of our favorite things, so, appropriately, we’ve written about the value of Object Lock quite a bit. You can learn more about the basics in this general guide to Object Lock. If you’re interested in how this feature will integrate into your existing security policy, you can read about adding Object Lock to your IT security policy here.

And if you want to hear more from the experts on the subject, register for our webinar, Cybersecurity and the Public Cloud: Cloud Backup Best Practices on September 21. The webinar features John Hill, Cybersecurity Expert; Troy Liljedahl, Director of Solutions Engineering at Backblaze; and David Gugick, VP Product Management at MSP360, and you’ll learn about a few of the common security concerns facing you today as you back up data into the public cloud. If you can’t join us live, the webinar will be available on demand on the Backblaze BrightTALK channel.

We hope these guides can be useful for you, but drop a comment if there’s anything else we can cover.


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