20 Billion Files Restored


On September 1st, we asked you to predict when Backblaze would reach our 20 billion files restored mark. We had a ton of entrants!! Over two thousand people hazarded a guess. It is our pleasure to announce that we’ve finally hit that milestone, and along with it, we’re announcing the winners of our contest.

Before we reveal the date and time that we crossed that threshold, we first want to point out that the closest guess was only off by 23 minutes. Second closest? 57 minutes. That’s kind of remarkable. The 10 winners all pinpointed the exact date and the furthest winner was only four hours and six minutes off the mark, very impressive job!

Congratulations to our winners:

  • Lance (Bismarck, North Dakota)
  • Bartosz (Warsaw, Poland)
  • Jeremy (Evergreen, Colorado)
  • Justin (Los Angeles, California)
  • Andy (London, UK)
  • Jeffrey (Round Rock, Texas)
  • Jose (Merida, Mexico)
  • Maria (New York City, New York)
  • Rizwan (Surrey, UK)
  • Max (Howard Beach, New York)

November 20, 2016, 10:57 a.m.

That was the exact time when we restored the 20,000,000,000th file. That’s lots of memories, documents, and projects saved. The amount of files per Backblaze restore varies due to our various restore methods. The most common use case for our restores is when folks forget one or two files and do small restores of just a folder or two.

Restore Fun Facts for a Typical Month

Where restores are created:

  • 96.3% of restores are done on the web.
  • 3.7% are done via our mobile apps.

Of all restores:

  • 97.8% are ZIP restores.
  • 1.7% are USB HD restores.
  • 0.5% are USB flash drive restores.

The average size of restores:

  • ZIP restores (web & mobile): 25GB.
  • USB HD 1.1TB (1,100GB).
  • USB flash 63GB.

Based on the amount of data in ZIP file restores:

Range in GB % of Restores
< 1 54.5%
1-10 17.5%
10-25 9.5%
25-50 7.2%
50-75 2.6%
75-100 1.7%
100-200 3.4%
200-300 1.5%
300-400 1.0%
400-500 0.8%
> 500 0.3%

Backblaze was started with the goal of preventing data loss. Even though we’re nearing 300PB of data stored, we consider our 20 billion files restored the benchmark that we’re most proud of because it validates our ability to help our customers out when they need us most. Thank you for being loyal Backblaze fans, and while we always hope that folks won’t need to create restores, we’ll be here for you if you do!


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