Windows Settings and System Preferences
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    Windows Settings and System Preferences

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    There are multiple settings and preferences that you can configure in the Backblaze client for Windows.

    Open the Backblaze Client Control Panel

    To open the Backblaze Control Panel, you can use the Start Menu or the System Tray

    If Backblaze is pinned to your main Start Menu pane, it appears as the Backblaze icon. If it is not pinned, you can find it in the All Programs selection.

    The system tray icon is typically found in the lower-right corner of your desktop area to the left of the clock.

    Control Panel Options

    The following options are displayed on the Backblaze client Control Panel.

    • Backup Now resumes or initiates a backup, depending on your backup schedule settings.
    • Restore Options displays basic information about restoring files from your Backblaze backup.
    • Settings opens the settings for the Backblaze client.
    • You are backed up as of means that the 'remaining files' reached '0 files' at that time. A process slowly scans your computer looking for new or changed files. It can take about an hour or two to scan across all drives for an average user. When you use an external drive, it may take Backblaze anywhere from 1-120 minutes to schedule the files on the external drive to be backed up online. This means that some recently added new files or modified files may not have been detected yet. If there are files that are currently unable to upload, you can view a full list of the files and the reason in the Issues Report.
    • Selected for Backup reports the total number and size of all of the files that are currently included in your Backblaze backup.
    • Backup Schedule indicates the current schedule setting of your Backblaze client.
    • Remaining Files shows the total number and size of the files that are currently in the queue waiting to upload.

    Change the Language

    You can change the language on the Backblaze client Control Pane.

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