License a Trial Installation
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    License a Trial Installation

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    You can apply a paid license to your Backblaze Computer Backup trial installation.

    License your Trial Backup

    1. Sign in to your Backblaze account.
    2. In the left navigation menu under Computer Backup, select Overview.
    3. In the License field, click Buy.
    4. On the Purchase page, select the following options depending on your preference:
      • Additional Licenses: Select licenses for as many computers as you want to backup in addition to the license you are purchasing.
        If you are purchasing a license only for your single trial installation, leave this number as 0.
      • Select Plan: Set your billing plan to run monthly, yearly, or bi-yearly.
      • Version History: All backups are set to 30-day version history by default. You can upgrade to one-year version history at no additional cost.
      • Payment method: Enter your credit card details, or select Prepaid Code and enter your code in the text field.
    5. Click Buy Backblaze.

    After the purchase is complete, your license appears as Paid Unlimited on the Overview page of your account.

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