Install the Backblaze Client Silently for Mohave (Mac)
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    Install the Backblaze Client Silently for Mohave (Mac)

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    With Apple Mojave, Apple added security to parts of the computer it considers sensitive or critical. Applications that require sensitive access to these parts of the system now require additional permissions. Full disk access, something that only a low-level disk maintenance tool or backup clients require, needs these permissions.

    A silent install now requires an additional component, a custom policy configuration that grants the Backblaze Computer Backup client full disk access.

    Download the JAMF Configuration Tool

    1. Download the current version of the PPPC tool.
    2. Open Finder, and locate the downloaded ZIP file in the downloads directory.
    3. Control-click the ZIP file, and select Open to extract the file with the Archive Utility.

    The application appears in the Downloads folder.

    Mount the Installation File

    1. Download the latest Backblaze installation package.
    2. Locate and double-click the .DMG file to mount it.
    3. Control-click the Backblaze Installer, and select Show Package Contents to open the package in Finder.
    4. In the Contents/Resources folder, drag the file to your desktop.
    5. Control-click the file, and select Open to extract the file with the Archive Utility.

    A Backblaze file with a red icon appears on your desktop.

    Create and Upload the Policy

    1. Open the Jamf PPPC utility that you previously downloaded.
    2. Click the + icon under the empty list, show the desktop, and select the Backblaze application.
    3. Locate the All Files permission, and set it to Allow.
    4. Click Save.
    5. Enter your JAMF server, username, and password.
    6. Select Check Connection.
      The JAMF PPPC utility fetches the remainder of the configuration information from the JAMF server.
    7. Upload the policy to the JAMF server.

    Configure the New Policy File

    1. Sign in to the JAMF server.
    2. In the Computer tab, click Configuration Profiles.
    3. Select the newly uploaded policy.
    4. In the Options tab, click Edit.
    5. Select Backup as the category, select Install Automatically as the Distributor Method, and select Computer Level.
    6. Click Save to confirm the changes to this profile.
    7. In the Scope tab, click Edit.
    8. (Recommended) Select All Computers in the Target Computers field.
    9. Click Save.

    Install the Backblaze Computer Client

    In approximately an hour, depending on when the computers request an update from the JAMF server, the computers will receive the new policy. After a computer has the new policy, you can install the Backblaze client using the steps in Install the Backblaze Client Silently (Mac).

    If you have more questions, contact the Backblaze Business Account team.

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