Wrap-Up of NAB 2019 in Las Vegas

Backblaze at NAB 2019 in Las Vegas

Backblaze just returned from exhibiting at NAB in Las Vegas, where, according to just about everyone, the cloud is a growing topic of interest.

“Cloud is becoming a central interest and more people are warming up to it,” according to Backblaze Director of Marketing, Yev Pusin. “Things have changed since last year. There’s definitely more interest in how the cloud fits into creative workflows.”

NAB 2019
Skip and Yev of Backblaze talk to a booth visitor

Skip Levens, Director of Product Marketing for Backblaze, observed that the show this year is “rightly focusing on the storyteller, and that NAB has evolved from its strong broadcast roots to serve storytellers of every kind on every new kind of platform and medium, which are all available to see at the show.”

NAB 2019
Backblaze’s busy booth at NAB

Skip also observed that Backblaze is ready to be the cloud storage of choice for creative professionals. “Behind the scenes we’ve been updating our infrastructure and technology to better serve our customers who have more and more very high resolution production content that’s above 4K, HDR workflows, internet-routed video, and cloud-backed content libraries for extremely agile content production. Combine Backblaze’s low cost with durability calculated at 11 nines and instant availability of your data and content, and you have an unbeatable combination to give creative professionals what they need today.”

NAB 2019
Nathan, Victoria, Troy, Nilay, Janet, and Terry of Backblaze answered lots of questions from visitors to the show
NAB 2019
Ahin and Andrew of Backblaze

Backblaze CEO Gleb Budman also felt that the crowd this year was more interested in the cloud. “Overall, it felt like people understood how useful the cloud can be. They’re tired of using tape, and they’re facing the challenge of handling the huge volumes of data being generated by 8K cameras.”

“It was great to talk to our customers at the show. Some just came by to say, ‘I love you guys and read your blog posts.’ Others want to better understand how to use Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage.”

It wasn’t all cloud talk and HD video at the show. Our booth staff noted a lot of attendees wearing cowboy hats, likely because the Academy of Country Music Awards (CMA) show was held at the MGM Grand the Sunday when NAB opened. Backblaze didn’t disappoint with the booth giveaways, either. We gave away 1,000 Backblaze nerd pens and 1,200 bags of pink cloud candy just on the first day. If that doesn’t show growing interest in the cloud, we don’t know what does!

NAB 2019 iconik demo
Booth visitors get a demo of how to use iconik and Backblaze B2 to manage media assets.
NAB 2019
B2 built out of Backblaze Storage Pods with display of some of the Backblaze B2 workflow partners.

Blog Series for NAB

If you’ve been following the blog, you know that our creative workflow experts at Backblaze wrote a series of posts on creative media workflows. Don’t miss them!

Video From NAB Show 2019 Dailies—Ortana Media Group & Backblaze

James Gibson, founder & CEO of Ortana, talks with Backblaze VP of Marketing Ahin Thomas about why B2 Cloud Storage and the Cubix MAM & Orchestration platform make a great solution together.

Were You at NAB?

If you were at NAB this year, we hope you stopped by the Backblaze booth to say hello. We’d like to hear what you saw at the show that was interesting or exciting. Please let us know in the comments.

If you’re interested in learning more about cloud-enabled workflow solutions, visit our Cloud University page, where we’ve created a series of webinars available on-demand with over a dozen partners.

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