Two-Factor Verification for Backblaze

Backblaze Two-Factor Authentication

Backblaze users can now activate and use two-factor verification on their Backblaze Online Backup account. When enabled, two-factor verification, known widely as two-factor authentication, requires that a person present both their account credentials and a verification code from a second device to gain access to their Backblaze account. This feature is available immediately to all Backblaze users and does not require an update to be used. Two-factor verification is off by default. To enable two-factor verification, the Backblaze account owner must log in to their Backblaze account and activate it from the “My Settings” menu.

A Quick Overview of Two-Factor Verification (2FV)

Two-factor verification means a user has to supply two different factors to gain access to their account. It is based on the premise that an unauthorized user is unlikely to be able to supply both factors required for access. In the case of Backblaze, an unauthorized user would need to have both your Backblaze account login information and access to your phone before they could access your Backblaze account and the data therein.

By activating two-factor verification, you are requiring yourself as the Backblaze account owner to have the second device, typically your phone, available when you log in to your Backblaze account. It is important to weigh the added security of two-factor verification against the possibility that you will not have the second device with you when you require access to your Backblaze account.

Below is an overview of how to activate and use two-factor verification. You can also visit our knowledge base for more information.

Activating Two-Factor Verification

    1. Log in to your existing Backblaze account.
    2. Open the “My Settings” page as shown below:

Two-Factor Verification Settings

    1. Click on the “Sign in Settings” link on the right hand side. If you already have a phone number set up for your account, please go to Step 4. If you do not have a phone number set up for your account, you will see the following screen:

Two-factor verification phone setup

In the “Verify Phone Number” window, you’ll enter your phone number and then verify it is correct by having Backblaze send a verification code to the phone. That verification code is entered in this window. You can not turn on two-factor verification without successfully completing this step.

    1. Once you have a phone number set up for your account, you’ll see the screen below when you click on the “Sign in Settings” link:

Two Factor Verification Sign In

  1. Choose the two-factor verification setting you desire and select “Update” to change the setting.
  2. The set-up/change of your two-factor verification setting is now complete.

Using Two-Factor Verification

Let’s say you have selected the “Every time I sign in” option for your two-factor verification setting. Here’s what happens when you sign in to Backblaze:

    1. Click the sign-in button and enter your Backblaze account credentials.
    2. A unique text message is sent to the phone number on your account, as shown below:

Two Factor Verification

    1. At the same time the “Two-Factor Verification” screen is presented, as shown below:

Two Factor Verification Code Entry

  1. Enter the code from the text message you received into the “Two-Factor Verification” screen, then press “Enter Code.” You have 10 minutes to enter the code. If you do this correctly, you will be logged in to your Backblaze account.

If you have questions or need assistance with the two-factor verification feature, please visit our knowledge base.

A Few Things to Know

  • You will be sent a unique verification code to use each time you receive a code.
  • You can not set your own verification code.
  • You can turn the two-factor verification on and off as desired once you are logged in.
  • Two-factor verification is completely compatible with the use of a Private Encryption Key.

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