Set Your Content Free With Fastly and Backblaze B2

Backblaze + Fastly

Whether you need to deliver fast-changing application updates to users around the world, manage an asset-heavy website, or deliver a full-blown video streaming service—there are two critical parts of your solution you need to solve for: your origin store and your CDN.

You need an origin store that is a reliable place to store the content your app will use. And you need a content delivery network (CDN) to cache and deliver that content closer to every location your users happen to be so that your application delivers an optimized user experience.

These table stakes are simple, but platforms that try to serve both functions together generally end up layering on excessive complexity and fees to keep your content locked on their platform. When you can’t choose the right components for your solution, your content service can’t scale as fast as it needs to today and the premium you pay for unnecessary features inhibits your growth in the future.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our collaboration with Fastly in our campaign to bring choice, affordability, and simplicity to businesses with diverse content delivery needs.

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Fastly: The Newest Edge Cloud Platform Partner for Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage

Our new collaboration with Fastly, a global edge cloud platform and CDN, offers an integrated solution that will let you store and serve rich media files seamlessly, free from the lock-in fees and functionality of closed “goliath” cloud storage platforms, and all with free egress from Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage to Fastly.

Fastly’s edge cloud platform enables users to create great digital experiences quickly, securely, and reliably by processing, serving, and securing customers’ applications as close to end-users as possible. Fastly’s edge cloud platform takes advantage of the modern internet, and is designed both for programmability and to support agile software development.

Get Ready to Go Global

The Fastly edge cloud platform is for any business that wants to serve data and content efficiently with the best user experience. Getting started only takes minutes: Fastly’s documentation will help you spin up your account and then help you explore how to use their features like image optimization, video and streaming acceleration, real-time logs, analytic services, and more.

If you’d like to learn more, join us for a webinar with Simon Wistow, Co-founder & VP of Strategic Initiatives for Fastly, on January 21st at 10 a.m. PST.

Backblaze Covers Migration Egress Fees

To pair this functionality with best in class storage and pricing, you simply need a Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage account to set as your origin store. If you’re already using Fastly but have a different origin store, you might be paying a lot of money for data egress. Maybe even enough that the concept of migrating to another store seems impossible.

Backblaze has the solution: Migrate 10TB (or more), store it with us for at least 12 months, and we’ll pay the data transfer fees.

Or, if you have data on-premise, we have a number of solutions for you. And if the content you want to move is less than 10TB, we still have a way to cut your egress charges from your old provider by over 50%. Contact our team for details.


Freedom to Build and Operate Your Ideal Solution

With Backblaze as your origin store and Fastly as your CDN and edge cloud platform, you can reduce your applications storage and network costs by up to 80% based on joint solution pricing vs. closed platform alternatives. Contact the Backblaze team if you have any questions.


About Elton Carneiro

Elton Carneiro is the director of partnerships for Backblaze. He enjoys solving complex customer workflows and finding ways for customers to use Backblaze B2. He is continuously seeking out partnerships to add to the Backblaze ecosystem. He also likes pursuing ideas that think outside the box, so if you have one, feel free to connect with him. Apart from establishing and maintaining these partnerships, Elton likes to do a bit of coding. During his spare time he likes to golf.