Backblaze Release 5.1 – RMM Compatibility for Mass Deployments

By | October 13th, 2017

diagram of Backblaze remote monitoring and management

Introducing Backblaze Computer Backup Release 5.1

This is a relatively minor release in terms of the core Backblaze Computer Backup service functionality, but is a big deal for Backblaze for Business as we’ve updated our Mac and PC clients to be RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) compatible.

What Is New?

  • Updated Mac and PC clients to better handle large file uploads
  • Updated PC downloader to improve stability
  • Added RMM support for PC and Mac clients

What Is RMM?

RMM stands for “Remote Monitoring and Management.” It’s a way to administer computers that might be distributed geographically, without having access to the actual machine. If you are a systems administrator working with anywhere from a few distributed computers to a few thousand, you’re familiar with RMM and how it makes life easier.

The new clients allow administrators to deploy Backblaze Computer Backup through most “silent” installation/mass deployment tools. Two popular RMM tools are Munki and Jamf. We’ve written up knowledge base articles for both of these.

munki logo jamf logo
Learn more about Munki Learn more about Jamf

Do I Need To Use RMM Tools?

No — unless you are a systems administrator or someone who is deploying Backblaze to a lot of people all at once, you do not have to worry about RMM support.

Release Version Number:

Mac:  5.1.0
PC:  5.1.0


October 12, 2017

Upgrade Methods:

  • “Check for Updates” on the Backblaze Client (right click on the Backblaze icon and then select “Check for Updates”)
  • Download from:
  • Auto-update will begin in a couple of weeks
Mac backup update PC backup update
Updating Backblaze on Mac Updating Backblaze on Windows


If you have any questions, please contact Backblaze Support at



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  • Apiercy

    I’d love to see an example silent install for a Windows based RMM.

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  • Hi, I’m already one of your customers. Is it possible to have more details about “Updated Mac and PC clients to better handle large file uploads”?

    Thanks a lor for your time,

    • There was non-fatal (yet annoying) bug that affected performance of large file uploads in rare situations. These two things had to BOTH be true to hit this bug in the past:

      1. The client must specify a “Temporary Data Drive” other than the default

      2. The client must be on a noisy/bad/flaky network connection, such as “weak WiFi”

      If both of those were true, at some point during transmitting the large file there might be an error transmitting one of the sub-sections of the large file. In that case, when the large file was completely uploaded, the Backblaze client wouldn’t properly attempt to re-transmit the “missing piece”. A safety consistency check then caught this, and “for safety” it would simply start over from scratch retransmitting the large file. Not fatal because usually after 2 – 3 attempts the large file would be uploaded without an error. But annoying because the backup progress (for large files only) was slowed for customers in this situation to about 1/2 as fast as it COULD be if every transmission of the large file had worked reliably.

      Since less than 5% of customers specify a “Temporary Data Drive’, this affected less than 5% of customers, and it was even a subset of those, and only for “large files” (does not affect the performance of transmitting any file less than 30 MBytes).

      It is fixed in client version 5.1 and all future versions. We apologize to any customers affected by this bug in the past, and a special thanks to several customers that provided detailed logs so that I could chase it down and fix it.

      • Hi Brian, and thanks a lot for your quick and detailed answer. Really aprecciated.

        I’m going to update.

        I have big files on a exfat partitions, and every time I boot the machine, BackBlaze client re-hash and re-upload them. I’m sure nothing touched them in the meanwhile.
        That’s the reason I asked.

        Thanks a lot again,

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