On-prem to Cloud, Faster: Meet Our Newest Fireball

We’re determined to make moving data into cloud storage as easy as possible for you, so today we are releasing the latest improvement to our data migration pathways: a bigger, faster Backblaze Fireball.

The new Fireball increases capacity for the rapid ingest service from 70TB to 96TB and connectivity speed from 1 Gb/s to 10 Gb/s so that businesses can move larger data sets and media libraries from on-premises to the Backblaze Storage Cloud faster than before.

What Hasn’t Changed

The service is still drop-dead simple. Data is secure and encrypted during the transfer process, and you gain the benefits of the cloud without having to navigate the constraints (and sluggishness) of internet bandwidth. We’re still happy to send you two, or three, or more Fireballs as needed—you can order whatever you need right from your Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage account. Easy.

How It Works

The customer favorite (of folks like Austin City Limits and Yoga International) service works like this: We ship you the Fireball, you copy on-premises data to it directly or through the transfer tool of your choice, you send the Fireball back to us, and we quickly upload your data into your B2 Cloud Storage account.

The Fireball is not right for everyone—organizations already storing to public clouds now frequently use our cloud to cloud migration solution, while those with small, local data sets often find internet transfer tools more than sufficient. For a refresher, definitely check out this “Pathways to the Cloud” guide.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

However you’d like to join us, we’re here to help. So—shameless plug alert—please don’t hesitate to contact our Sales team to talk about how to best start saving with B2 Cloud Storage.


About Jeremy Milk

Jeremy Milk is a storybuilder who heads the Backblaze Product Marketing team. He's spent more than two decades honing his craft in product and consumer goods marketing leadership roles at companies including Intuit, WePay (acquired by JPMorgan Chase), and The Clorox Company. Outside the office, he can often be found near a soccer field, on a running trail, or fueling on coffee and tacos. Follow him on LinkedIn or Twitter.