Flickr Announces 1TB of Photo Storage. Awesome!


Big news in the technology industry this week as Yahoo’s board authorized the purchase of Tumblr, and Flickr announced one terabyte of photo storage. One terabyte of storage. That’s a lot of photos. By their estimates over 500,000 of them, maybe even more, depending on the resolution and quality. We think this is great! Having your pictures in more than one spot is a great idea, and one that we whole-heartedly recommend. That’s why we started the Backblaze online backup service, to make sure all of the photos, videos, documents, and memories you’ve accumulated along the way are backed up and ready for you, should anything happen to your computer.

The Flickr news is great for folks that have a lot of pictures and want a place to store them, but what about the other data? You may not think about it too much, but the documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, and videos you’ve accumulated throughout the years are just as important as the photos you’ve taken. For that, we’d like to recommend ourselves!

What do we offer? Well Backblaze is:

Unlimited: We’ll take all of your user generated data, no matter how much you have!

Unthrottled: Have a great internet connection? Awesome! We won’t hamper your upload speeds.

Uncomplicated: Get started in under five minutes. Just create an account, download the trial, and go!

Unexpensive: That’s not a word, but for $5/month per computer, we figured we could make it fit the “un-scheme,” plus that’s the most you can pay!

Want to use Flickr, or a service like it, and Backblaze together? Fantastic! The more places you have your data, the better off you are in case of data loss on your machine. Plus, folks tend to upload less than 1% of all the photos they take to various services; we’ll back up all of them! A good backup strategy is a lot like a good investment strategy, diversification is good!


About Yev

Yev Pusin is the senior director of Marketing and sometimes Marketing chief of staff at Backblaze, which he joined in 2011. Yev has a degree in business and communications from the University of Iowa, where he developed an alliteration affinity. Yev enjoys writing in an amusing way about the "why" of things and how decisions are made, so that readers can learn and be entertained all at once. Follow Yev on: Twitter: @YevP | LinkedIn: Yev Pusin