Introducing Catblaze Cloud Backup


Today, Backblaze is launching a new service: Catblaze Cloud Backup. This new service complements our existing Backblaze Personal Backup service, but focuses on the automatic and continuous backup of feline related content on your PC or Mac. Catblaze ensures that your cat related photos, videos, documents, and more will be safely and securely backed up and stored in the Catblaze Cloud. Catblaze will also back up cat related files from any connected USB hard drives for no extra cost. As a bonus, all of your other data files stored on your PC or Mac will be backed up by Catblaze. You can learn more on the Catblaze website:

The Technology Behind Catblaze

Catblaze utilizes a scanning engine named Cat-scan to locate the feline related material on your hard drive and ensure it is scheduled for backup. Cat-scan is written in the native code of the platform (PC or Mac) and utilizes patent-pending Bayesian filtering algorithms to analyze each file on your hard drive, searching for cat related content. It took Backblaze years to hone the Bayesian filters used in Catblaze, but just like Backblaze Personal Backup, all that complexity is completely hidden, ensuring Catblaze is truly easy to use.

Why Catblaze?

Over the nearly nine years we have been in business, we have tried to deny that cat related content made up a sizable portion of the 200 petabytes of customer data we store for customers. Sure, we received numerous “Cat” stories from our Backblaze customer base. And yes, we had countless customer surveys and focus groups all saying their most important data was cat related. Yet, we remained unbelievers until we unleashed the Cat-scan filters on the data and the results convinced us that creating Catblaze was the only solution.

Cat-scan analysis of 200 petabytes of customer data
Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 8.17.36 AM

The Catblaze Restoration Program

Once your cat files are stored by Catblaze, you’ll be happy to know that you can view them from any computer anywhere with just a web browser and your Catblaze account credentials. In addition, you can download and use the Backblaze mobile apps, iOS or Android, as they work seamlessly with Catblaze. With a few clicks, you can locate, view, and download your cat photos from Catblaze to your smartphone or tablet. Once there, they can be printed, emailed, posted, and shared as you desire.

Just like our standard Backblaze service, if the unthinkable happens and your computer crashes or is stolen resulting in the loss of any or all your cat photo/videos (and other data), you can recover them from Catblaze. Restoring data is far easier than cleaning up a hairball as you simply use the Catblaze web restore option. There is also the option to restore your beloved cat data on a USB hard drive, ideal for Catblaze power users with 1TB or more of feline related data.

The good news is that we now also offer the “Restore, Return, Refund” program to Catblaze users. This program lets Catblaze users purchase a USB hard drive with all their cat photos, videos, and more on it and have it shipped overnight once it is ready. Then, when they have restored all their cat stuff, they can return the USB hard drive to us within 30 days and we’ll refund them the purchase price. Using this program, you can restore terabytes of cat content quickly and free. This is a first in the cat universe.

Availability and Pricing of Catblaze

Pricing for Catblaze is just $5/month per computer for an unlimited amount of cat related photos, videos, and any other data you value. One year of Catblaze will cost $50 per computer and two years of Catblaze will cost $95 per computer.

There is a free trial of the service available on the Catblaze home page at Once downloaded, you may notice the product says it is actually Backblaze. We hope you don’t mind…


Backblaze would like to thank the Peninsula Humane Society for loaning us the use of the cats in the creation of Catblaze. The stars: Muta, the bigger black and white; Lincoln, the thinner white and tabby; and Sherlock, the grey tabby, were troopers.

Kitten season is upon us and if you are looking for a kitten or one of the full grown cats like, Muta, Lincoln, Sherlock, and their friends, please visit your local ASPCA. They also have dogs there too, but the Dogblaze service is not available yet, maybe next year. In either case, if you’re an animal lover as we are, we encourage you to support your local ASPCA.


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