Groups Helps You Manage Family Backup

Being responsible for your family’s IT needs can feel burdensome. We’ve made it easier for you to manage all of your family’s backups in one place. Presenting Groups, a new feature that works with two computers or 200 (or 1,000…what you’re doing with 1,000 computers is an issue for a different post). Groups helps you….

Introducing the New Backblaze for Business

Today, we’re pleased to announce the new Backblaze for Business. We’ve spent the better part of the year building new functionality for our business and group users and are excited to release that functionality, Groups, to the world today. What is a Group? Groups are a collection of computers paid for by administrators, whether it’s….

Backup 101: iCloud Sync and Backblaze Backup

iCloud and Backblaze

Apple’s iCloud gives Mac and iPhone users an easy way to sync data between devices. Now more than ever Apple is blurring the line between sync and backup, but don’t mistake iCloud for a true backup solution like Backblaze. Let me say at the outset that this isn’t a warning against using iCloud. I use….

Five Mistakes Everyone Makes With Cloud Backup

Five Mistakes Everyone Makes With Cloud Backup

Cloud-based storage and file sync services are ubiquitous: Everywhere we turn new services pop up (and often shut down), promising free or low-cost storage of everything and anything on our computers and mobile devices. When you depend on the cloud it’s very easy to get lulled into a false sense of security. Don’t. Here are….

True Tales of Data Loss Horror

Data Loss Horror Tales

Just in time for Halloween: Spooky stories to give you a fright! Nothing scares us at Backblaze like stories about people losing data. Here are true tales of data loss horror straight from our customers’ own mouths! “My wife had tons of pictures of our daughter when she was in the hospital and were kept….

How to Back Up Your Mac’s Photos Library

A spilled drink was all it took to destroy Margaret’s only photos of her son’s high school graduation. She looked at me with disbelief as I told her the information might not be recovered. Without a backup, Margaret (not her real name) was faced with the very real possibility of either losing those photos or….

Bulletproof Backups for Any Budget

Bullet Proof Backups

Peace of mind comes from knowing your data is backed up. But how do you know your backup is safe? Step one is to have a strategy. Step two is to have storage that can stand up to abuse. Step three is to make sure the data is safely offsite. Combining a battle-ready hard drive….