Backblaze Stores 75 Petabytes of Data: One Fourth as Much as Facebook

Backblaze Storage Pod

In Jan 2011, we published that Backblaze was storing 10 petabytes of customer data. Today, Backblaze stores 75 petabytes of customer data.

Backblaze data storage has grown 750% in less than three years!

You guys are truly storing an incredible amount of data. ;-) Of course, all of this data is stored in our custom, open-sourced, Backblaze Storage Pods.

How much data is 75 petabytes?

75 petabytes
75,000 terabytes
75,000,000 gigabytes
75,000,000,000 megabytes

Since it’s hard to envision how much data that is, one comparison is that this is one-fourth of the amount Facebook stores. (In September, Facebook announced it was storing 250 petabytes for its 1.1 billion users.)

Here are other fun comparisons if all of that data were just photos, songs, or movies:


These comparisons assume that:

    • An average high resolution digital photo is two megabytes.
    • An average song on iTunes is three megabytes.
    • An average 15 second Instagram video is two megabytes (Source: DigitalTrends).
    • 25 billion songs have been downloaded from iTunes in all time

(Source: Apple).


About Gleb Budman

Gleb Budman is a co-founder and has served as our chief executive officer since 2007, guiding the business from its inception in a Palo Alto apartment to a company serving customers in more than 175 countries with over an exabyte of data under management. Gleb has served as a member of our board of directors since 2009 and as chairperson since January 2021. Prior to Backblaze, Gleb was the senior director of product management at SonicWall and the vice president of products at MailFrontier, which was acquired by SonicWall. Before that, he served in a senior position at Kendara, which was acquired by Excite@Home, and previously founded and successfully exited two other startup companies.