Backblaze Reddit IAmA & World Backup Day 2019

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World Backup Day is March 31st and to celebrate this year, we’re going back in time and revisiting one of the most fun things we’ve done here at Backblaze, a Reddit IAmA!

When — Mark Your Calendars
On Thursday March 28th at 10am Pacific, join us on the official Reddit IAmA subreddit and ask us whatever you like!

Here’s the direct link to the IAmA: Backblaze IAmA on reddit

Who — The Team Behind Backblaze
Joining in this IAmA will be: Gleb Budman, CEO of Backblaze; Brian Wilson, CTO of Backblaze; Yev Pusin, The Guy Writing This Post; and Andy Klein, the fellow who writes all of the Hard Drive Stats and Storage Pod posts! We’ll also have other Backblaze members popping in if they have some expertise to share!

What — Reddit AUA (Ask Us Anything)
We’ll be online answering your questions in real-time. Want to know about Storage Pods? No problem. Hard Drive Stats? Great! What video games we like to play? You got it. What our favorite meal is to eat when we travel? Yummo!

Reddit AMA with Backblaze March 28, 2019 10am Pacific
Reddit AMA with Backblaze March 28, 2019 10am Pacific

Why — Backup Awareness
Backblaze has supported World Backup Day since it started. Our first AUA (ask us anything) was about seven years ago and was in honor of World Backup Day, as well. We want to make sure that everyone is backed up, and World Backup Day is a great reminder that not everyone has a backup, and lets friends know that they should protect the important files they have on their computers. And, of course, if someone you know could use a service like ours, please send them to:

World Backup Day 2019
Don’t be an April Fool. Be prepared. Back up your files on March 31st.

Note: This page is not officially supported or endorsed by World Backup Day.


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