Backblaze needs a new office

By | September 17th, 2010

Backblaze was founded in a small office where we planned to stay for six months. But we kept finding creative ways to cram more people in. Three years later…we’re bursting at the seams.

So it is time to move out of our humble abode and move to…well, a slightly larger humble abode.

Do you have or know of a place that you would like to lease/sub-lease?

What we are looking for – in roughly priority order:
* Located between Palo Alto, CA and Milbrae, CA
* 1500 – 2000 sq ft
* Mostly just an open space
* One conference room
* Caltrain-accessible
* Close to restaurants/walking-district
* Good Internet access
* Funky

We are open to moving into a traditional office park-style building. However, Backblaze doesn’t exactly have a business suit and wingtips culture, so we would love a place with more character. Converted house or loft? Former car dealership? Amusement park? (Ok, that maybe going a bit far.)

A space with a significant server room could be interesting, but is not a requirement.

Send us ideas for places to:

Thanks – perhaps we’ll be your neighbor soon.

Gleb Budman
Co-founder and CEO of Backblaze. Founded three prior companies. He has been a speaker at GigaOm Structure, Ignite: Lean Startup, FailCon, CloudCon; profiled by Inc. and Forbes; a mentor for Teens in Tech; and holds 5 patents on security.

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