18-Year-Old Catches Thief Using Backblaze


We hear from customers all the time who were able restore data using our online backup service after their laptop died or was stolen. Sometimes our customers even catch the thief using Backblaze such as this Digital 007 that wrote us a year ago.

It this case, Mark Bao was the Digital 007 and caught a bit of entertaining material on the thief in the process. Bao is an 18-year-old founder of several startups and non-profits. A couple months ago his laptop was stolen and with a bit of ingenuity, Bao has found out a number of items about the thief:

  • That he lives close by.
  • That he has a Facebook page.
  • And that he likes to record himself dancing to Travis Porter’s “Make It Rain.”

At this point, not only can Mark get all of his own data restored, but the police will likely have a pretty easy time recovering that laptop.

Read about it and watch the video at Beta Beat.

Update: Story on The Next Web.

Update: Thief heads to court.


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