Custom Domain Installation Process
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    Custom Domain Installation Process

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    You can attach a custom domain to a new or an existing group. All of the members of a group must belong to a specific region. Group members are typically created using the Partner API, although you can also manually create them depending on the use case.

    Partners and customers interested in using custom domains are evaluated for eligibility by the Backblaze sales team. The qualifications and legitimacy of the custom domain request are typically determined during a Zoom meeting. When approved, there is a one-time fee for each custom domain during the initial setup.

    Backblaze can enable custom domains only for zones that are immediately subordinate to a top-level domain. For example, will not work because subdomains are not supported.

    Installation Process 

    A Backblaze Solutions team member is your primary liaison during the custom domain installation process.

    1. Backblaze sends an email requesting the target group and region for the custom domain installation.
    2. Backblaze sends the necessary DNS records to the email account that is associated with the custom domain. These DNS records must be installed by the custom domain user. For example, if the target region is "us-west-000", add three canonical name (CNAME) records to point the custom domain to the Backblaze servers: 
      • CNAME:,
      • CNAME wildcard: *,
      • CNAME acme challenge:,
    3. A Backblaze Solutions team liaison requests a point of contact (preferably a site reliability engineer) from the partner or customer. The point of contact is notified after the custom domain installation is complete.
    4. After verifying the DNS pointers, Backblaze requests an SSL Certificate on behalf of the partner or customer. This request may be observed as a Certificate Transparency event from LetsEncrypt, Backblaze's primary Certificate Authority.

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