Partner API
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    Partner API

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    Article Summary

    The Backblaze Partner API enables automation for the creation and management of Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage accounts within your application. Contact Backblaze sales for access to the the Partner API.

    For all of the Backblaze API operations and their corresponding documentation, see API Documentation.

    The Backblaze Partner API empowers you to programmatically create and manage multiple Backblaze B2 accounts and groups within your applications. This API lets you provide a more seamless experience for your customers while offering greater ease of administration for your business.

    Specifically, the Partner API enables you to automate the following processes:

    • Account creation (adding Group members)
    • Organizing accounts in Groups
    • Listing Groups
    • Listing Group members
    • Ejecting Group members

    After you configure the Partner API, you can use the Backblaze B2 S3-Compatible API or the Backblaze B2 Native API to manage your Group members’ Backblaze B2 accounts, including:

    • Uploading, downloading, and deleting files.
    • Creating and managing the buckets that hold files.
    • Usage reports by Group on a daily basis to provide for ease of billing and management.

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