Data Caps and Alerts
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    Data Caps and Alerts

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    You can limit the charges that occur per day due to storage, downloads, or transaction usage. For details about viewing, setting, and managing data caps and alerts, see Create and Manage Caps and Alerts.

    A data cap is a limit that you can place on the amount of money that is spent per day. In each of the following categories, there are a certain amount of free transactions. If you stay within these boundaries, you are not charged and each category is reset at 12 AM GMT each day.

    • Daily Storage Caps
      In the storage category, you are charged only for data larger than 10 GB stored per day.
    • Daily Download Bandwidth Caps
      Downloads have 1 GB of free downloads per day.
    • Daily Class B Transaction Caps
      2,500 Class B Transactions are free each day.
    • Daily Class C Transaction Caps
      2,500 Class C Transactions are free each day.
    • Class A Transactions
      These transactions are free. 

    Alerts are triggered when the data caps reach 75% and 100% of the cap value that you set.

    If you do not set up data caps, then your Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage account usage is unlimited and unlimited charges can be accrued.

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