Call the S3-Compatible API
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    Call the S3-Compatible API

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    Call the Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage S3-Compatible API to instantly plug into the Backblaze B2 service.

    For all of the Backblaze API operations and their corresponding documentation, see API Documentation.


    The following example shows the format for endpoints for the Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage S3-Compatible API:


    The Backblaze B2 S3-Compatible API endpoints accept connections only over HTTPS. Non-secure connections are rejected. The AWS SDKs and most integrations require only an endpoint URL like the above (without the bucket name included).

    If you make the HTTP calls directly, the Backblaze B2 S3-Compatible API supports specifying the bucket name in the hostname of the URL or in the path section of the URL. The following URLs are both valid examples of an endpoint calling a bucket:


    The S3-Compatible API supports only v4 signatures for authentication, and v2 signatures are not supported at this time. To learn more about S3 authentication, see this article.

    Supported Calls

    The S3-Compatible API returns calls in the same way that the AWS S3 API does. This may vary slightly from AWS S3 API documentation. The following call are supported in the S3-Compatible API:

    • Abort Multipart Upload (DELETE)
    • Complete Multipart Upload (POST)
    • Copy Object (PUT)
    • Create Bucket (PUT)
    • Create Multipart Upload (POST)
    • Delete Bucket
    • Delete Bucket Cors
    • Delete Bucket Encryption
    • Delete Object
    • Delete Objects (POST)
    • Get Bucket ACL
    • Get Bucket Cors
    • Get Bucket Encryption
    • Get Bucket Location
    • Get Bucket Versioning
    • Get Object
    • Get Object ACL
    • Get Object Legal Hold
    • Get Object Lock Configuration
    • Get Object Retention
    • Head Bucket
    • Head Object
    • List Buckets (GET)
    • List Multipart Uploads (GET)
    • List Object Versions (GET)
    • List Objects (GET)
    • List Objects V2 (GET)
    • List Parts (GET)
    • Put Bucket ACL
    • Put Bucket Cors
    • Put Bucket Encryption
    • Put Object
    • Put Object ACL
    • Put Object Legal Hold
    • Put Object Lock Configuration
    • Put Object Retention
    • Upload Part (PUT)
    • Upload Part Copy (PUT)

    Successive Calls

    When you upload multiple versions of the same file within the same second, the possibility exists that the processing of these versions may not be in order. Backblaze recommends that you delay uploads of multiple versions of the same file by at least one second to avoid this situation.

    Similarly, when you hide a file within the same second as you upload that file, it is possible that the file may not actually be hidden. To avoid such a situation, please delay such calls on the same file by at least one second.

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