We’re Still Here!

Well folks, we made it! It turns out we skirted another “world-ending” event. Even though Gangnam Style did hit 1,000,000,000 views on 12/21/2012, the world did not end as was expected. (Sure, it wasn’t a real prediction, but we got a kick out of it.)

As a way of celebrating the continuance of this fine planet, we’re releasing a 16% off offer code in honor of the 16% of people that were seriously worried about the world ending (we even wrote a press release about it). The offer code “longcount” will be active on Backblaze purchases through Sunday 12/23/2012 (11:59 p.m. PST).

In order to use the code, go to the Buy Page on the Backblaze website and input “longcount” with no parenthesis as the offer code when making a purchase!

Just a little way of getting the 14th baktun started off right!

Update: Please note that you can only use offer codes on new accounts. If you already have a Backblaze account, you will need to create a new one to purchase licenses using the offer code! You can create a new account by signing in with a new email address and password!


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Yev Pusin is the senior director of Marketing and sometimes Marketing chief of staff at Backblaze, which he joined in 2011. Yev has a degree in business and communications from the University of Iowa, where he developed an alliteration affinity. Yev enjoys writing in an amusing way about the "why" of things and how decisions are made, so that readers can learn and be entertained all at once. Follow Yev on: Twitter: @YevP | LinkedIn: Yev Pusin