Wanted: Black Friday Drive Farmers

Hard drive prices shot up due to the flooding in Thailand, and still haven’t returned to “pre-flood” levels. Since we are determined to keep our commitment to unlimited online backup, we’re constantly looking for good deals on drives.

We just found out that Costco will have a fantastic deal on hard drives this weekend. The deal starts this Friday, November 23rd and ends on Sunday, November 25th!

Want to help Backblaze continue offering unlimited online backup?
Care to help us on a super-fun-Thanksgiving-weekend-holiday-hard-drive-hunt?
Want to earn some cash at the same time?

Order up to five drives from Costco this weekend, ship them to us, and we’ll pay you $5 per drive.

Here are the steps (important to follow ALL of them):
1. Go to our Facebook Sign Up Page and sign up with your name and a valid Paypal account. (This offer is only valid for the first 200 people who sign up here.)

  1. Buy this specific Seagate 3TB External hard drive from Costco Online at the $99.99 price. (Not from a Costco Store; leave those for the local folks.)
  2. When purchasing the drive use this address for shipment:
    H.D. Farmer
    500 Ben Franklin Ct.
    San Mateo, CA 94401
  3. Forward your tracking number to hdfarmer@backblaze.com
  4. Once we receive the drives and your receipts, we will Paypal you the total cost of the drives, and the $5 per drive bounty.

For the next few days, Backblaze is putting a $5 “bounty” on each of these drives for a total of $25 extra in your pocket for the effort!

Sounds good? Well, thank you!

UPDATE: It looks like the drive has sold out! That was fast. Thanks to everyone that attempted and the few who could purchase!


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