No Fooling Around: Hollywood Loves Backups

Have you ever noticed something for the first time and then couldn’t stop noticing it? For example, you buy a brand new Kia Soul and then every car that catches your eye on the road for the foreseeable future is a Kia Soul, and you think to yourself, “Oh hey, it’s my car buddy!” Well, that’s called the Baader–Meinhof phenomenon, or frequency bias. It’s not just when you notice something for the first time either. Working at Backblaze over the last 11 years, there’s one thing I cannot escape in my daily life: backups.

Seriously, whenever I am watching a TV show or movie, any time there’s a subplot (or main plot) of backing up, I often think, “Well now, there’s a great example of why you should back up!” This manifests in me trying to get screen captures and create gifs to highlight the importance of backups.

In today’s post, in lieu of an April Fool’s prank, we’re opting to have some good, clean fun and take a stroll down pop culture lane with some highlights of backups in Hollywood. Some of them we found ourselves, and some we found through a service I learned about from TikTok (Yay, learning through social media!), Read on to check out our top 10 list of backups in pop culture (and one backup fail).

      1. 11. Are there any “Supernatural” fans in the house?

      1. 10. “Parks and Recreation:” Donna saves the day.

      1. 9. Maybe not computer related, but I can’t help but include “Austin Powers.”

      1. 8. Not backing up, but having a backup plan helps recover from hacking and ransomware…

      1. 7. Live-action “The Lion King:” Sometimes I think of myself and Backblaze as a digital Pumbaa.

      1. 6. “Altered Carbon:” We couldn’t agree more—you cannot be without backup at this crucial time, or any time!

      1. 5. Anyone who’s seen “Tiger King” surely remembers this scene.

      1. 4. “MacGyver:” Having backups helps you get back up and running quickly!

And there’s nothing better than the 3-2-1 backup strategy!

      1. 3. “My Little Pony” also knows what’s up when it comes to a thorough backup strategy.

      1. 2. One of the greatest shows of all time, “The Wire,” breaking it all down.

    1. 1. This one’s my all-time favorite. Chief O’Brien talks backups on “Star Trek:”

And One Backup Fail

This is a very bad idea…

Have a favorite of your own? Post it in the comments below!


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