Media Workflowing to Europe: IBC 2022 in Amsterdam Preview

You can send media in milliseconds to just about every corner of the earth with an origin store at your favorite cloud storage company and a snappy content delivery network (CDN). Sadly, delivering people to Europe is a touch more complicated and time intensive. Nevertheless, the Backblaze team is saddling up planes, trains, and automobiles to bring the latest on media workflows to the attendees of IBC 2022. Whether you’re there in person or virtually, we’ll be discussing and demo-ing all the newest Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage solutions that will ensure your data can travel with ease—no mass transit needed—everywhere you need it to be.

Learn More LIVE in Amsterdam

If you’re attending the IBC 2022 conference in Amsterdam, join us at stand 7.B06 to learn about integrating B2 Cloud Storage into your workflow. Stop by anytime or you can schedule a meeting here. We’d love to see you.

IBC 2022 Preview: What’s New for Backblaze B2 Media Workflow Solutions

Our stand will have all the usual goodness: partners, friendly faces, spots to take a load off and talk about making your data work harder, and, of course, some next-level SWAG. Let’s get into what you can expect.

New Pricing Models and Migration Tools

Our team is on hand to talk you through two new offerings that have been generating a lot of excitement among teams across media organizations:

  • Backblaze B2 Reserve: You can now purchase the Backblaze service many know and love in capacity-based bundles through resellers. If your team needs 100% budget predictability and would like waived transaction fees and premium support included as well, you should check out this new pricing model. Check it out here.
  • Universal Data Migration: This IBC 2022 Best of Show nominee makes it easy and FREE to move data into Backblaze from legacy cloud, on-premises, and LTO/tape origins. If your current data storage is holding your team or your budget back, we’ll pay to free your media and move it to B2 Cloud Storage. Learn more here.

Six Flavors of Media Workflow Deep Dives

We’ve gathered materials and expertise to discuss or demo our six most asked about workflow improvements. We’re happy to talk about many other tools and improvements, but here are the six areas we expect to talk about the most:

  1. Moving more (or all) media production to the cloud. Ensuring everyone—clients, collaborators, employers, everyone—has easy real-time access to content is essential for the inevitable geographical distribution of modern media workflows.
  2. Reducing costs. Cloud workflows don’t need to come with costly gotchas, minimum retention penalties, and/or high costs when you actually want to use your content. We’ll explain how the right partners will unlock your budget so you can save on cloud services and spend more on creative projects.
  3. Streamlining delivery. Pairing cloud storage with the right CDN is essential to make sure your media is consumable and monetizable at the edge. From streaming services to ecommerce outlets to legacy media outlets, we’ve helped every type of media organization do more with their content.
  4. Freeing storage. Empty your expensive on-prem storage and stop adding HDs and tapes to the pile by moving finished projects to always-hot cloud storage. This doesn’t just free up space and money: Instantly accessible archives means you can work with and monetize older content with little friction in your creative process.
  5. Safeguarding content. All those tapes or HDs on a shelf, in the closet, or wherever you keep them are hard to manage and harder to access and use. Parking everything safely and securely in the cloud means all that data is centrally accessible, protected, and available for more use.
  6. Backing up (better!). Yes, we’ve got roots in backup going back >15 years—so when it comes to making sure your precious media is protected with easy access for speedy recovery, we’ve got a few thoughts (and solutions).

Partners, Partners, and More Partners…

“The more we get together, the happier we’ll be,” might as well be the theme lyric of cloud workflows. Combining best of breed platforms unlocks better value and functionality, and offers you the ability to build your cloud stack exactly how you need it for your business. We’ve got a massive ecosystem of integration partners to bring to bear on your challenges, and we’re happy to share our IBC 2022 stand with two incredible members of that group: media management and collaboration company iconik and the cloud NAS platform LucidLink.

We’ll be demoing a brand new, free Backblaze B2 Storage Plug-in for iconik which enables users of Backblaze, iconik, and LucidLink to move files between services in just a click–we’d love to walk you through it.

Hoping We Can Help You Soon

Whether it’s in person at IBC 2022 or virtually when it works for you, we’d love to walk you through any of the solutions we can serve for hardworking media teams. If you will be in Amsterdam, schedule a meeting to ensure you’ll get the right expert on our team, then stick around for the swag and good times. If you’re not making the trip, please reach out to to us here where we can share all of the same information.


About Jeremy Milk

Jeremy Milk is a storybuilder who heads the Backblaze Product Marketing team. He's spent more than two decades honing his craft in product and consumer goods marketing leadership roles at companies including Intuit, WePay (acquired by JPMorgan Chase), and The Clorox Company. Outside the office, he can often be found near a soccer field, on a running trail, or fueling on coffee and tacos. Follow him on LinkedIn or Twitter.