HYCU + Backblaze: Protecting Against Data Loss

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Backblaze and HYCU, the fastest-growing leader in multi-cloud data protection as a service (DPaaS), are teaming up to provide businesses a complete backup solution for modern workloads with low-cost scalable infrastructure—a must-have for modern cyber resilience needs.

Read on to learn more about the partnership, how you can benefit from affordable, agile data protection, and a little bit about a relevant ancient poetic art form.

HYCU + Backblaze: The Power of Collaboration

Within HYCU’s DPaaS platform, shared customers can now select Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage—an S3 compatible object storage platform that provides highly durable, instantly available hot storage—as a destination for their HYCU backups. 

With more applications in use across the modern data center, visibility and the ability to protect that mission-critical data has never been at more of a premium. Our collaboration with Backblaze now offers joint customers a cost-effective and scalable data protection solution combining the best in backup and recovery with Backblaze’s streamlined and secure cloud storage.

—Subbiah Sundaram, SVP Product, HYCU, Inc.

The Data Sprawl Problem

On average, businesses and organizations have upwards of 200 different sets of data or “data silos” spread across a growing number of applications, databases, and physical locations. This data sprawl isn’t just hard to manage, it opens up more opportunities for cybercriminals to inject ransomware and gain access to systems. 

HYCU gives customers the power to protect every byte while also managing all their business critical data in one place. Powered by the world’s first development platform for data protection, HYCU is the only DPaaS platform that can scale to protect all of your data—wherever it resides. Most importantly, it gives customers the ability to recover from disaster almost instantly, keeping them online and in business, with an average recovery time of 10 minutes. 

Backblaze and HYCU:

Keeping data safe for all

at one-fifth the cost.

By combining HYCU data protection with Backblaze B2 Storage Cloud, customers can see up to 80% lower costs in comparison to using providers like AWS for their storage, which means that combining the two can be a force multiplier for a businesses’ ability to fully protect their data and scale efficiently and reliably.

Data protection:

Once challenging, now easy—

HYCU and B2.

The partnership offers the following benefits:

  • Performance: With a 99.9% uptime service level agreement (SLA) and no cold delays or speed premiums, storing data in Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage means joint customers have instant access to their data whenever and wherever they need it. 
  • Affordability: Existing customers can reduce their total cost of ownership by switching backup tiers with interoperable S3 compatible storage, and institutions and businesses who may not have been able to afford hyperscaler-based solutions can now protect their data.
  • Compliance and Security: With Backblaze B2’s Object Lock feature, the partnership also offers an additional layer of security through data immutability, which protects backups from ransomware and satisfies evolving cyber insurance requirements.

These benefits can prove particularly useful for higher education institutions, schools, state and local governments, nonprofits, and others where maximizing tight budgets is always a priority.

What’s in a Name?

For the poetically minded among our readership (there must be a few of you, right?), you may have noticed a haiku or two above. And that’s not a coincidence.

The humble haiku inspired the name for HYCU. In true poetic fashion, the name serves more than one purpose—it’s also an acronym for “hyperconverged uptime,” making the least amount of letters do the most, as they should.

Making Data Protection Easier

This partnership adds a powerful new data protection option for joint customers looking to affordably back up their data and establish a disaster recovery strategy. And, this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more from this partnership, including integrations with HYCU’s other data protection offerings in the future. 

Interested in getting started? Learn more in our docs.


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