Honoring Our Drive Farmers

Drive Farmer Drives

Back in November, our drive farming brigade was asked to farm hard drives for us over the Thanksgiving holiday. Hundreds of drives showed up and we dutifully sent them to our warehouse. They joined our drive stockpile and patiently waited for their chance to reach their hard drive destiny and be part of a Backblaze Storage Pod. Is there any greater honor for a hard drive than to be part of a Backblaze Storage Pod, backing up our customers’ data? We think not!

Now it their turn for these farmed drives to be installed in Storage Pods. To honor our intrepid drive farmers, we decided to “tag” drives to their farmer. These photos, courtesy of our Operations team, are from the first batch of farmed drives, five each from Olivier, Jeannine, David, and the rest. Once installed, they will undergo rigorous testing to make sure they are ready for the task at hand—safely backing up photos, videos, documents, and more for thousands of customers until such time as that data is needed.

So thank you, drive farmers, in your efforts to help Backblaze deliver truly unlimited online data backup. While everyone else is raising prices we continue to be just $5 a month and we’d like to keep it that way. Thanks again!

Drive Farmer Drives


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