Channel Partner Program Launch: Ease, Transparency, and Predictability for the Channel

Since the early days of Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage, the advocacy that resellers and distributors have carried out in support of our products has been super important for us. Today, we can start to more fully return the favor: We are excited to announce the launch of our Channel Partner program.

In this program, we commit to delivering greater ease, transparency, and predictability to our Channel Partners through a suite of tools, resources, incentives, and benefits which will roll out over the balance of 2022. We’ve included the details below.

Read on to learn the specifics, or reach out to our Partner team today to schedule a meeting.

“When Backblaze expressed interest in working with CloudBlue Marketplace, we were excited to bring them into the fold. Their ease-of-use and affordable price point make them a great offering to our existing resellers, especially those in the traditional IT, MSP, and media & entertainment space.”
—Jess Warrington, General Manager, North America at CloudBlue

The Program’s Mission

This new program is designed to offer a simple and streamlined way for Channel Partners to do business with Backblaze. In this program, we are committed to three principles:


We’ll work consistently to simplify the way partners can do business with Backblaze, from recruitment to onboarding, and engagement to deal close. Work can be hard enough, we want work with us to feel easy.


Openness and honesty are central to Backblaze’s business, and they will be in our dealings with partners as well. As we evolve the program, we’ll share our experiences and thoughts early and often, and we’ll encourage feedback and keep our doors open to your thoughts to inform how we can continue to improve the Channel Partner experience.


Maintaining predictable pricing and a scalable capacity model for our resellers and distributors is central to this effort. We’ll also increasingly bundle additional features to answer all your customers’ cloud needs.

The Program’s Value

Making these new investments in our Channel Partner program is all about opening up the value of B2 Cloud Storage to more businesses. To achieve that, our team will help you to engage more customers, help those customers to build their businesses and accelerate their growth, and ultimately increase your profits.


Backblaze will drive joint marketing activities, provide co-branded collateral, and establish market development funds to drive demand.


Any technology that supports S3-compatible storage can be paired with B2 Cloud Storage, and we continue to expand our Alliance Partner ecosystem—this means you can sell the industry-leading solutions your customers prefer paired with Backblaze B2.


Our products are differentiated by their ease of adoption and use, meaning they’ll be easy to serve to your customers for any use case: backup, archive or any object storage use case, and more—growing your topline revenue.

The Details

To deliver on the mission this program is aligned around, and the value it aims to deliver, our team has developed a collection of benefits, rewards, and resources. Many of these are available today, and some will come later this year (which we’ll clarify below). Importantly, we want to emphasize that this is just the beginning, and we will work to add to each of these lists over the coming months and years.


  • Deal registration.
  • Channel-exclusive product: Backblaze B2 Reserve.
  • Logo promotion on
  • Joint marketing activities.


  • Rebates.
  • Seller incentives.
  • Market development funds (coming soon).


  • Partner sales manager to help with onboarding, engagement, and deal close.
  • Partner marketing manager to help with joint messaging, go-to-market, and collateral.
  • A password-protected partner portal (coming soon).
  • Automation of deal registration, lead passing, and seller incentive payments.

Join Us!

We can’t wait to join with our current and future Channel Partners to deliver tomorrow’s solutions to any customer who can use astonishingly easy cloud storage! (We think that’s pretty much everybody.)

If you’re a reseller or distributor, we’d love to hear from you. If you’re a customer interested in benefiting from any of the above, we’d love to connect you with the right Channel Partner team to serve your needs. Either way, the doors are open and we look forward to helping out.


About Elton Carneiro

Elton Carneiro is the director of partnerships for Backblaze. He enjoys solving complex customer workflows and finding ways for customers to use Backblaze B2. He is continuously seeking out partnerships to add to the Backblaze ecosystem. He also likes pursuing ideas that think outside the box, so if you have one, feel free to connect with him. Apart from establishing and maintaining these partnerships, Elton likes to do a bit of coding. During his spare time he likes to golf.