Backups in Baghdad: Protecting Data Around the World

“Jason,” not his real name, is an electrical engineer contracting for the military. I wanted to share the comments and photos he sent us about his experience with Backblaze in Baghdad:

My being here is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I
don’t want something like a hard drive failure to sour it.  My computer
is my livelihood, and not having to worry about my irreplaceable data
allows me to focus on the mission in support of the Coalition

That being said, bandwidth is at a premium, and Backblaze has been
great to let me know EXACTLY what’s backed up, what needs to back up,
and for being able to adjust how much bandwidth it uses has also been

My family will be very happy to see all the photos that I
have taken over my travels and stay while in Baghdad, and I’m glad
knowing that even if my computer is damaged or destroyed, I will be
able to get that data back.

Here are a few of Jason’s photos of Baghdad:
Baghdad Backup 1483small
Baghdad Backup 1849small
Baghdad Backup 1445small
Baghdad Backup 1849small


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